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Murals, full of colors, can be found in and around the city of Pittsburgh’s communities and neighborhoods.  These murals, painted on the sides of buildings, often tell a story about the people depicted in them and their lives.

Below is a small sample of the photos in my collections of colorful murals that feature what I have titled, “Images Of Life In The Neighborhood”.  I wish I knew the artist who painted the murals in order to give them credit, but I do not.  The photos taken below are from the following neighborhoods:  The Strip District, South Side, Squirrel Hill, Homewood, East Liberty and Bloomfield.

The Weekly Image Of Life challenge is issued every Wednesday by The Island Traveler at This Man’s Journey, and if you would like to participate and see other entries please visit here.




  1. Great post sister… Love it..Love it Blessings Bro pat.

  2. These photos are great! Thanks so much for sharing! God bless!


  3. Excellent visions and artistic talent. Thanks, as usual, for sharing

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I love the stories depicted here. Thanks for sharing this colorful view of your city! 🙂

  5. Francine, I adore this beautiful combination of color and the imagery of community. I could hang out in that parking lot, just staring, all day! Thank you so much for sharing so much beauty with us. You are such a blessing! Sloan

  6. Great great great great GREAT post! I loved every single image! Z

    • I am so glad you like them. Thank you for your words of encouragement. The artist did a beautiful job I only photographed their excellent work.


  7. These are really beautiful and the kind of Urban Renewal that I’d like to see more of. Thanks for sharing, Francine.

  8. These are wonderful, I bet they really brighten up the neighbourhood. The second and third look like the same artist? I love the three strong women, they would be great to talk to! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Reblogged this on 10th Village.

  10. I love these additions to neighborhoods. They add such color and character. Thanks!

  11. So full of beauty and diversity and color! 🙂

  12. […] Weekly Image of Life: Colors ( […]

  13. A real work of Art! God bless 🙂

  14. My friend, these images are so beautiful and moving. It shows a way of life that most of see everyday but failed to appreciate because of our busy lives. It took an artist’s amazing vision and vivid interpretation of life for us to really see what goes around our surroundings. I love your title, “Images Of Life In The Neighborhood”. The artist’s message in these murals just took my breathe away. Reality made so alive and given a colorful vision. Thank you. Have a great weekend.

    • Thank you for your wonderful, inspiring comment.  It is always a pleasure to participate in your challenges.  They give voices to my photography that they would not otherwise have.  Hope you and your family find enjoyment this weekend.



  15. Fabulous selection of Street art! Thanks Francine.

  16. I am always awestruck by this kind of talent, one thing to paint on a canvas but on this scale, I just can’t image it…
    Beautiful Francine..what fun to be around all this energy fo colors!
    Thank you for sahring…
    Take Care…

    • Sometimes a team of artists will gather to paint these murals that are funded by a local organization, sometimes from within the individual communities themselves. Other times outside businesses will fund them.


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