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GET HIGH . . . . UP

Photographing people and things from a high up approach can give you a different prospective of things and situations.  DPS encouraged us to look for opportunities to get up above the subjects we are photographing and shoot from that vantage point.

In the below photos, notice the different ways a person can carry a kayak.  What story does it tell?  The photos were taken at the Paddle at the Point that was held at Point State Park a couple of years ago.  The kayaks and boats were launched from the North Shore in Pittsburgh, Pa.  After achieving the record of the most number of kayaks and canoes gathered, these boaters were headed home with a wonderful story to tell.

The above photos were entered in the Digital Photographer School’s weekly challenge theme, “Get High”.  You can take part or see other entries here.



16 Responses to “GET HIGH….”

  1. Hey I get neck ache looking up……Good pictures, well captured..;)

  2. Very interesting, the ways people carry kayaks. The one with the woman carrying it and the man following behind made me think either she’s a slave to him or maybe he’s got a heart condition (in which case maybe he shouldn’t be going paddling).

  3. Good to see all that boaty action 🙂

  4. Love these photos, Francine. A different perspective. 😉

  5. Cool photos. I really love the colors and angles in the last one. Have a great weekend!

  6. Your subject line will attract a lot of viewers I bet. Like the perspective and tip. Love to shoot from the top of Parking Garges.
    Looks like you are keeping busy with your camera which is great!

    • When I first saw it on the challenge, I thought oh no, don’t want to give the wrong impression, but I had read from word press that a catchy phrase would get attention so I decided to use it. We will see.

  7. I like the shadow in the first shot too.

  8. Beautiful shots Francine. Does seem like hard work pushing those boats 🙂

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