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The photos were taken inside the Cathedral of Learning on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. The Late Gothic Revival Cathedral of Learning, a historic landmark, is the tallest educational building in the Western hemisphere and the second-tallest university building in the world—42 stories and 535 feet tall. It is also the geographic and traditional heart of the campus.  The Cathedral is a steel frame structure overlaid with Indiana Limestone and contains more than 2,000 rooms and windows.  Information gathered from Wikipedia.

The Daily Post at WordPress. com has given us another challenging theme this week to interpret.  The theme is “INSIDE”.  You can join the challenge or see other entries at their link above.

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  1. Stunning entry Francine and the cathedral is something to behold!

  2. Your photos make me want to visit this building. Nice job.

    • Hi Allan, Thanks, you would love to see it in person. On the ground and third floors are the Nationally Rooms. Classrooms designed by different countries from around the world.

  3. I love the lighting and perspective in the first. stunning cathedral. thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful, but I wouldn’t want the heating bill.

  5. Wonderful architecture. You captured it beautifully.

  6. The Cathedral of Learning…what an interesting name and oh, so beautiful inside. Thanks for taking us inside. 🙂

  7. Beautiful shots of such an august building – it’s nice to think modern day kids can sit inside that space and be linked to students from generations past – a sense you never get with modern box-like structures do you?

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  9. […] WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: INSIDE « Francine In Retirement […]

  10. must be wonderful to sit there at a table!
    I would like to have all churches with coffee tables now!

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  12. Brilliant crisp pictures, love ’em…:)

  13. What a very impressive building this is, Francine. Great photos.

  14. It’s wonderful Francine, the vaults are like we have in our ancient cathedrals here! I’ve checked your tags because I thought I remembered seeing a post of the outside of the building? did I imagine it?

  15. Looks a very peaceful and therapeutic place to be.

    • Thank you for stopping by to comment. Yes, the building is a wonderful place for students to take their classes and this first floor makes a great study hall.

  16. a beautiful and inspiring cathedral, your photos are excellent!

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  18. What a wonderful, inspiring place to study

  19. […] WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: INSIDE « Francine In Retirement […]

  20. Wow … amazing as usual

  21. What wonderful surroundings to learn in.

  22. […] WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: INSIDE « Francine In Retirement […]

  23. Great images… love them.. 🙂

  24. The first shot is magnificent Francine! Excellent take on the challenge

  25. Love the architectural details. Very grand and majestic.

    • It is wonderful. Makes you feel like you are in an ancient castle. I could just see Romeo and Juliet on the balcony in one of the pictures.


  26. Did you post on this place before? I feel as though I’ve seen those fantastic vaulted ceilings previously in a study hall like this.

    • Yes I did, one called Soft Focus and the outside of Cathedral called Two Subjects. I just added more views of the inside. Thanks for remembering.


  27. This is lovely, I love Church/Cathedral architecture.

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  29. Really majestic!

  30. it is so beautiful Francine…so glad you chose to share these

  31. WOW …such beauty contained within each arch…
    I kept expecting to here an organ as I looked at each photo…
    Beautiful Francine!
    Take Care…

    • It is a beautiful building, but no organ, it is a building containing classrooms for the university students. The photos show the first floor of the building which serves as a study hall. Very quiet and majestic, perfectly suited for studying.


  32. Wow! The architecture is stunning! I wouldn’t mind studying in such a peaceful and beautiful place 🙂

  33. Gorgeous interior. I did mine on a Church too. 😉

  34. Wonderful images of an amazing place – I never knew this was there!

  35. Great photos of this awesome place. I’ve been inside it once.

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  37. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside ( […]

  38. My Friend you have done an incredible job through the eye of the lens. You are an amazing Photo Artist. Thank you for sharing this great art work of yours. Peace and blessings be yours to enjoy.

  39. …..and another Russel Ray camping trip comes to an end………………..Hope all is well.

    • Always enjoy you camping out.  My email pings and I sit up and take notice.  Ping, ping ping, your likes are a delight to me.  Thanks for coming by.



  40. Awesome photos – I am sure I could spend a lot of time wandering around that lovely place!

  41. your pictures leave me breathless because of their astounding beauty and because of the blessed touch of your spirits eyes! You are blessed with a gift that now has also blessed my life today with an overwhelming happiness! Thanks for always blessing me with your visits. It is greatly appreciated beloved sister! Have a wonderful and blessed week ahead!

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