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I remember as a young child going to the amusement parks, county fairs, circus or festivals with my family and immediately spotting the balloon artist.  This magical person was one who could turn a rubber balloon into whatever your young heart desired, with a couple of twist and turns.  My favorites were a head-piece, mickey mouse or a large heart.  My brother always choose a sword so he could fight his imaginary enemies.

Does the recent photos I have taken bring back childhood memories for you?


Children are like balloons with a message inside.
They start out small and we inflate them
with something of ourselves.
As we pour our lives into them-they spread sunshine,
give joy, brighten the days of grandmas and grandpas
and cheer up the sick.
They remind us of being young and that life
is fragile. They celebrate living!
When discouraged, they are like a balloon
that deflates. A simple openness allows
us to refill them…with hope
for the future, a feeling that they are special 
and the knowledge that God loves them.
Their enthusiasm is like a balloon carried 
on the wind with never ending energy.
They sway and drift.
It’s then that they need our prayers and
loving guidance, without too much pressure
that would cause them to burst.
The time comes sprinkled with tears and joy,
when others are able to read the message
we have written on their hearts.
So we let go and let God have His way
With our precious balloons…not the end…
Truly the beginning!

Author Unknown



15 Responses to “BALLOON ARTIST”

  1. That guy is very good!

  2. A great poem, Francine, and I still love to watch balloon artists. What fun!

  3. Yes, I love balloons and balloon artists. Fascinating to watch.
    And the poem is a perfect accompaniment.
    Up, up and away….

  4. people often refer to me as a child because i like to go to zoos eat sugar rich stuffs usually targeted towards kids and buy a proudly walk with balloons in a fair 😀

  5. I’m still a kid! I recently learned how to make some balloon animals from one of my best friends who has been a professional clown and master balloon artist for over 40 years. He is amazing and I’m surprised I waited so long to ask him to teach me. Balloon twisting seems to bring a smile to kids of all ages!

  6. I don’t remember balloon artists from when I was a kid but I would have loved that elephant – still would now 🙂

  7. When I was a little girl my best friend had a clown at her birthday party. The clown also did balloon art. He made me a poodle, I remember. Funny the things we remember. Love your photo, Francine. 🙂

  8. Ah, yes they do [bring back memories]! Lovely post, Francine!!!!

  9. I saw one of these guys in Copenhagen recently and it reminded me of my days at Disneyland when I was a kid.

  10. Lovely poem, Francine. I find watching those balloon guys so fascinating. 😉

  11. I am always amazed by how quickly they twist those ballons into the most fantastic shapes! Neat photos and poem Francine!

  12. I love the blue elephant. A fun and colourful post. 🙂

  13. love the photos and the story, a gentle analogy of childcare 🙂

  14. So gently told, Francine- the childhood story. Very beautiful. I always loved the parties where they made balloon sausage dogs.

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