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The photos in the slide show were taken at the Botanical Gardens in Washington D.C.  I had taken a tour to view the 100th Anniversary of the Cherry Blossom Festival.  At the time of our arrival nearly all of the blossoms had fallen from the trees, due to their early bloom. The rains came right before our visit and washed the blossoms from the trees.  A little disappointed, but the trip to Orchid Mystique – Nature’s Triumph exhibit at the Botanical Garden made up somewhat for the disappointment.

It is easy to participate in this challenge or seeing other entries just click in Alisa’s site Where’s my backpack?.



26 Responses to “TRAVEL THEME: FLOWERS”

  1. Thank you for the beautiful orchid slide show and the quotes, Francine! Love Orchids!

  2. Just perfectly lovely Francine. Reminds me of our fun time at the greenhouse in class one night. Nice quotations, too. Lovely all around!

  3. Your post “Amish Buggy Ride” was chosen as this week’s featured IBA post … Congratulations & I hope you’ll check it out 🙂

  4. I’m having a real orchid feast on my birthday, Francine. 😉 Thank you for these gorgeous pics. xx

    • You gave me the inspiration when I saw your birthday post and I remembered I had these photos that I could use for the Travel Theme challenge that at the time I hadn’t an idea what to post. So this post is dedicated to you.

  5. What a lovely post and slideshow, Francine! The variety in those orchids is amazing!

  6. Absolutely awesome… Blessings Bro Pat.

  7. Ah wonderful Francine, thanks so much you put so much into your blog posts 🙂

  8. wow~your photography just gets better and better Francine. You have such an eye!

  9. Beautiful, Francine, I loved the slide show and the orchids are stunning.

  10. Francine, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I’m impressed. I can’t wait for you next one.

  11. What a beautiful collection, Francine, I’ve a soft spot for orchids. Well done!

  12. Mesmerizing. Orchids are beautiful and exciting. Beautiful flower series.

  13. Gorgeous blooms and equally beautiful quotes to match! Thanks Francine.

  14. Reblogged this on Trey Mckinney Posts.

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