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As I journey through this life there are occasions where I’ve experienced expressions of encouragement, inspiration or words of acknowledgements and appreciation on this blog.  In the blogging community this happens in more ways and on more occasions than I can count.  

Sometimes I find it hard to keep up or I experience ” SENIOR MOMENTS” when I forget who did what and when.  Please  FORGIVE ME  for these lapses in memory.  My heart overflows with gratitude and appreciation for each and every one of you who read, like and comment on this blog.  

I have received multiple nominations for awards that I have listed on my side bar, and it is often these nominations that I lose track of.  Please  FORGIVE ME  if I have not responded by posting your nominations on the blog.  I hope you know that I appreciate your acts of kindness and support.

Today I would like to take this opportunity to accept three nominations that I have recently received from fellow bloggers.

I received this beautiful color purple award from the Retiring Sort.  The Retiring Sort is a married woman with three grown children and five grandchildren.  After a 37 year career as a business insurance agent, she has retired.  Her blog is a window on all aspects of retirement, through her personal research and experiences.  Her posts  include information on financial planning, housing, health, lifestyle, or other issues she has worked through her own retirement plan.   And she will share her reflections and ruminations on how those various aspects of retirement are affecting her and those around her – as well as her general thoughts, from time to time.  Visit her blog, I’m sure you will enjoy her posts.

Here are the requirements:

Thank the person who nominated me.   Done (see above)

Add the Award image to my blog site.   Done (see right column)

Share 7 things about yourself you don’t think is already know.   

1.  I am a single mother with one daughter and three grandchildren.

2.  I have been retired for six years.

3.  Don’t like to fly.

4.  Afraid of scary movies

5.  Love to decorate 

6.   Enjoy making scrapbooks

7.  Like to sing

Nominate 15 other blogs that you love or that inspire you.  This is the hard part for me, so I have chosen 15 of my newest followers to receive both the “Inspiring Blogger Award” and” One Lovely Blog Award” if they choose to accept them.  The rules are the same for both awards.
















Let those Bloggers know that you are sending this award their way and that their blogs touched you.

I received two nominations for this award.  

THE FIRST:  is from Muse and Coffee.  

This blogsite talks about :

  • her ebook creations, the synopsis of the books, the ebook links,brief excerpts of my ebook.
  • reviews and synopsis of other books both in print and e-reading formats that I find interesting to read.
  • little daily activites in our day to day lives that create an insight in our lives.
  • Experiences and thoughts from memories that flow through the mind as I write the blogs.
  • Travelogues with nature photos.
  • General musings from everyday life that she observes and wish to share with the world.

THE SECOND:   person to nominate me for this award is my friend  Terry1954.  Terry feels she has always  been a wanderer in her mind, and thinks about how she would feel and is often aware of feelings of others.  She enjoys writing about every day experiences.  She feels sure that she write about things that touch others lives.  She hopes you will enjoy her writings, and I am sure you will.  Please give her blog a look see.  

The rules are the same an The Inspiring Blog Award, so the above answers and nominations are for both awards.  I hope you enjoy your awards.

This award, Best Follower Award, is given to me by Grandmother Musings   and is really important to me because it represents what I feel about each of you whom I follow.  It is my desire, as I follow you, to support, encourage and inspire you in your blogging efforts.  You give so much of yourself through your writing, photographs and the informative information you share about your life and your travels with us.  When I like or comment on your posts it is with deep respect and appreciation for your efforts and research.

The Rules of The Best Follower Award are as follows:

1.   Thank the giver, link the page, and add the award to your site.

2.   Answer the question: “Who was my first follower?”   Ruth E Hendricks Photography

3.   Pass it on to your three Best Followers

        1.  Adinparadise

         2.  Madhu, The Urge to Wander

          3.  ChgoJohn, From The Bartolini Kitchens

 I feel each of you are my best followers and I wish I were allowed to pass award to you as well.  

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you pay a visit to all those mentioned.




  1. A lovely post, Francine, thank you – and the best part is the new blogs you’ve given me to visit!

  2. so well deserved francine, congratulations on these awards, you a constant encouragement to all of us lucky enough to have you as a reader, and your own blog is always inspiring and informative …. one very talented and loving person!

  3. So wonderful you are being blessed Francine and that you can also bless others , Ron and myself both enjoy your Blog we can see your hearts in it, thank you for sharing.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

  4. congratulations Francine!!!

  5. Very well said. I believe that all those blogs you mentioned inspired you a lot so l’ll visit them, too. 🙂
    Thanks for the nomination. I really appreciate it. 🙂
    God bless you and your family always. Keep inspiring others and Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations to you, Francine! You are an inspiration and deserve your awards, for sure. I thank you for the nomination, as well. I am very grateful, thank you. 🙂

  7. Always well deserved. Congratulations again, Francine!

  8. Very well deserved, Francine! Thanks for the nomination!
    Take care, Raquel.

  9. Francine, I believe that you are the epitome of eloquence and class. Your kind words of gratitude and inspiring posts are the reason you have been nominated for so many awards. People know great when they see it, and you are great. Thank you for being one of my best followers and for the never-ending support you are so willing to give. Many, many blessings to you. Jamie 🙂

    • OH MY! You are so very kind with your words of appreciation and encouragement. I am humbled and overwhelmed by your comment. Thank you! Blessings to you as well.


  10. Congratulations on your well deserved awards, Francine, and thank you so much for my nomination. 😉 I love your blog and just can’t help leaving a comment for you. Hugs xx

  11. Just as you deserve Francine! Your blog is a delight to visit. I feel the same about my followers, such lovely people and I feel bad that I can’t answer all the comments I receive and have awards that I haven’t accepted. 🙂

  12. Congrats Francine on a well deserved award and thank you very much for honoring me too with your nomination!

  13. Congratulations Francine! I do enjoy your blog! It’s great that you are being acknowledged in this very special way! May the Lord bless you, today and every day! 🙂


    • Thank you Paulette, I am truly blessed by people such as you for reading, liking and commenting on my blog. That’s the best award I could receive. Blessings to you as well.

  14. Forgive my late response, Francine. I’ve been in Michigan and internet service is hardly “service” at all. I am honored, Francine that you would consider me for this award. Although I no longer accept award nominations, please do not feel that this means I am any less grateful nor that I do not appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank you for this kindness.

  15. Congratulations my lovely friend, you so deserve these awards! Bless you x

  16. Yeah! Yahoo! Yippee! & Congratulations! Now I’m off to click on your nominee links.

  17. Congratulations Francine! And thank you for the nomination 🙂

  18. I like your photography. Please be blessed.

  19. Congratulations on this, very well deserved! 🙂

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