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Joseph Mannino

“Growth from the mouth comes from the heart.”


The figurative sculpture  is a sculpture that is based on the human or animal figure, but NOT that of any one particular human or animal.   The one above is located on the front lawn of the Pittsburgh Center of the Arts.  It is called “Breath”, by artist Joseph Mannino. The sculpture was built using hypertufa as material. It is about 3 meters long, 2 meters wide, and it renders a figure of a human face, looking upward from the grassy slope, with the mouth open.

When I first saw this statue I thought of the words that can come from our mouth.  They can grow and produce good fruit or they can be rotten sayings and produce death.  Then I found this poem by an unknown author and thought you may appreciate it.


“The boneless tongue, so small and weak,

Can crush and kill,” declares the Greek.

“The tongue destroys a greater horde.”

The Turk asserts, “than does the sword.”

The Persian proverb wisely saith,

“A lengthy tongue – an early death!”

Or sometimes takes this form instead,

“Don’t let your tongue cut off your head.”

“The tongue can speak a word whose speed,”

Say the Chinese, “outstrip the steed.”

The Arab sages said in part,

“The tongue’s great storehouse is the heart.”

From Hebrew was the maxim sprung,

“Thy feet should slip, but ne’er the tongue.”

The scared writer crowns the whole,

“Who keeps the tongue doth keep his soul.”

Illustrations Unlimited – James S. Hewett,  Editor


“Growth” is the theme for The Daily Post at‘s challenge this week.  Click on their link to participate or see other entries.




  1. Yes words that are said can’t ever be taken back. I try hard to choose them well, not tot fling them about only to regret where they stick. I try to plant my words so that I will not regret being served their fruit.

    Wonderful post made me think.

  2. Interesting sculpture paired with great thoughts about words. I always try to be careful what I say. You can’t ‘take it back’ ….. once said, it’s said. Words are very powerful, and need to be used carefully.

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  4. Beautiful photo and poem. Very nice.

  5. Great post, Francine – and a fascinating sculpture!

  6. hah, hah, that is humorous 🙂

  7. What a great post, Francine! Both sculpture and poetry work so well together. A great pairing!

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  9. Absolutely delightful!

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  11. This is really awesome… You truly do fantastic work! I have never seen anything like it… It took me a moment to realize what the sculpture was… LOL
    ~Ingenius 🙂


  12. I love the sculpture and the quote “Growth from the mouth comes from the heart.” Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  13. I love both the poem and the sculpture. Unique interpretation for this week’s photo challenge. Very nice!

  14. Brilliant, so unusual, I like it, that is me , different.. 😉

  15. The photos made me smile and the words made me think. Job done! Thanks Francine.

  16. an interesting sculpture, and food for thought. it actually reminds me of a story i heard of a man who was known to speak without thinking. a good friend tried to help him, and suggested that he take a pillow and let the feathers scatter. after the feathers were scattered, the friend asked him to gather them all again. of course he could not – just like spoken words cannot be made unsaid. what a great illustration, i thought.

  17. Nice series – like it

  18. Such an interesting sculpture and thought provoking poem, Francine. Great take on this theme. 🙂

  19. Really great post for the theme. Mother Nature will always grow!

  20. Sorry Francine I couldn’t find your About , I just want to thank you for the Blessing that your Blogging friendship has been to me and I look forward to sharing with you more in the future, thank you for your flowers of Love.

    Blog Post –

    Christian Love Anne.

  21. A beautiful sculpture that carries a beautiful and inspiring message. The tongue can be a tool of destruction or a built and mend a broken soul.I would like to think that we all would use it for the good for all. Great post my friend.

  22. That is awesome… 🙂

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  24. Well done, Francine!

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  26. What an unique and interesting sculpture! And just perfect for this weeks challenge!

  27. Not surprising really for you to come up with something so unique…I love it

  28. By far my favorite interpretation of “growth” so far! Love the photo and the poem and your thoughts to go along with it are simply perfect! Thanks for sharing! You are a real artist at heart!

  29. Excellent!!! What a great & thought provoking sculpture! Love it!!! 🙂

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  31. excellent entry 🙂

  32. wonderful post francine, a unique take on growth! that is a very unusual sculpture and the poem is fantastic!

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  35. A very creative use of a sculpture.

  36. Great execution of this week’s theme. I particularly like the first one of the two. Quite a thought provoking take.

  37. There are no words toxpress the unique and mafnificent Photo’s and poem you have posted for the challenge. They are soooo outstanding. I really enjoy viewing and reading.

  38. Unusual, but clever! Sometimes heartfelt words do not need to be spoken…they are felt.

  39. You really outdid yourself. I like this!

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  41. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth (francine in retirement) […]

  42. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth (francine in retirement) […]

  43. This is such a lovely picture and a lovely response to the challenge. The poem is a handy thing to remember about the power of the tongue.

  44. Thanks for liking my Pesto post!

  45. Great post, Francine! I love the sculpture and the way you used it with the poem. It shows a lot of thought.

  46. all i can say is thanks for this heavenly post!!!! It’s message is truly a blessing!

  47. What a great statue/concept!

  48. The sculpture is so striking, as is the poem.

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