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This week’s challenge from Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post is Splendid.  Click on link to see other entries or to  participate.

In June, I visited the city of New York for a wonderful time of sightseeing, catching a broadway play and dining in one of its’ famous restaurants plus cruising the Hudson River.  While there I photographed a number of skyscrapers that caught my eye.  But this one located in Manhattan was a splendid example of unique architectural design.


A stunning penthouse in Manhattan is in the tallest residential building in the United States. At 870 feet up in the air, the 76th floor penthouse has got amazing views from every room, even from the shower. But these spectacular views of New York’s most legendary landmarks will cost you.
The 3,800-square-foot apartment rents for $60,000 a month.

The kitchen is a cook’s dream with high-end appliances, like a wine cooler. It also boasts a special faucet for filling a large pasta pot right on the stove top.

And the apartment is just the beginning. The building has a pool, a sun deck, and a fitness center.

It all sounds great, so long as you don’t have a fear of heights.

View the below video to see how splendid the penthouse in this building is.  I’m sure it’s splendor will take your breath away.



45 Responses to “SUNDAY POST: SPLENDID”

  1. Excellent shot Francine , Truly splendid photograph my friend thanks for sharing your inspiration 🙂

  2. Oh, my, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could afford to live there! But the views are awesome. If I had a spare $60,000 a month……..

  3. Wow, what a building! If I had that much money every month, I would never step foot in a kitchen again — I’d have a maid / cook. 🙂
    God Bless You!

    • Wow! That must be a newer building. It’s been a few years since I’ve been in NYC. The only concern I’d have is fire safety. I don’t like being to high up for that reason I want a ladder to reach me. Odd phobia that comes from seeing Towering Inferno as a kid. Still that’s a lovely view they have there…

    • I agree! I think you would always find me looking out the windows.

  4. Hummm, Francine. Visiting NY and knowledgeable about the penthouse apartment. Are you looking at a retirement move????? Great photography.

  5. It’s truly a beautiful building with great views from the penthouse. Having lived in a mid-rise, though, I much prefer a place like I currently own, one where I can maintain a small garden. I really enjoy having my morning coffee in my yard, something just not possible when you live in a large, tall apartment building.

    • I agree with you. Plus it’s too expensive and what if there were a fire in the building. Too many steps to walk down. I like living close to the ground with only two stories and room for a garden.

  6. i like the fluctuating curves on the face of the building, it is rather splendid, and after all, the highest residential building in the USA … something special too, great photo francine!

  7. Oh, wow! That is way so high. A splendid view from the top. Amazing my friend.

  8. Staggering, I love tall buildings and the architecture – wow! Wish I could afford the rent for just a week!

  9. Couldn’t possibly live there- what if the lift broke down? Awesome building and photos, Francine.

  10. It would be nice to have amazing views, but I’d prefer a home in the country. Nice building though.

  11. When will you be moving in to your new penhouse? 😀

  12. Truly amazing architecture! However, why should someone pay so much for a smoggy view, I wonder! Great shot, Francine!

    • Thanks Marina. I bet the view is more cloudy on most days than bright on good days. I guess the night views would stand a better chance and would probably be amazing. I like the design of the building as well.

  13. Oh my, Splendid, indeed. The building is spectacular. The view fabulous is you aren’t afraid of heights which I am. I suppose I’d never look out the windows. The price is over-the-top- but that’s Manhattan and that’s igh priced real estate. Nice tour of Manhattan ….!!!

  14. I can’t imagine living in that penthouse, so high up of the ground, but the dream kitchen might tempt me. 😉 A truly splendid post, Francine.

  15. Splendid architecture. I always wondered what building was.

  16. For real, that’s a penthouse? Amazing. The view up there must be really splendid. A splendid work of art!

  17. Oh, the items we can have if loaded with much $$$

  18. Splendid living for sure but not for me! Nice photograph of the shimmery building Francine. Are you moving in? Me either.

  19. Wow, very cool architecture! Thanks for sharing.

  20. it is a fabulous building Francine. I could never deal with the height though. Funny how the video only shows you the views, not the apartment itself. Thanks for sharing this one

  21. that looks real tall 🙂

  22. The pics are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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