Francine In Retirement
Seeing Life Through Photography






Life is very rarely lived and defined in black and white.  Realistically life is made up of many shades of gray.  What you see is not always as it appears.  

Is it possible that the three images above convey another story that we don’t see looking at them through the naked eye or through the lens of my camera.  What do you think?

Other black and white images can be viewed on Jakesprinter’s site SUNDAY POST.  I hope you visit to view the wonderful blogs that posted there photos.




  1. thank you for offering these up for our contemplation and Open discourse, Linda

    • When I first photographed these images I thought one thing, then realized I didn’t know the story behind each image so I could only photograph and not comment. Hopefully it would make us think twice before rendering a judgement. Thanks for you contemplation of subject.

  2. Certainly food for thought.

  3. Multiple Hope I seen in this photography
    Hope for clean up
    Hope for food
    Hope tor home
    Thanks for sharing Francine good choices of photographs 🙂

  4. Great shots Francine!

  5. I think you and I are on the same page about many things, Francine…when I saw the Black and White theme, I immediately thought of life lived in Shades of Gray. 🙂 Wonderful photos you shared!

  6. A thought-provoking series, Francine. Well done.

  7. How very true Francine! Perfect entries for the challenge.

  8. They say, “Only the very person knows his/her real story.” The rest are shades of grey, of people speculations based on their judgement and what they thought they know. I agree, “What you see is not always as it appears. ” In end , only God knows what is in our hearts and the stories of its past. Great post!

  9. Food for thought indeed! Neat interpretation

  10. Great interpretation and photos, Francine!

  11. Love your black and white entry and life is definitely seen in many shades…

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  13. Francine,

    This is so important- a provocative and thoughtful post. A creative way to remind each of us that we need to be open and unbound by assumptions about others.

    Thank you.


  14. Many, many stories here Francine, I don’t know whats happening in the first and the second one is heartbreaking. Thank you for the reminder that my world isn’t so bad.

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  16. For me, the second one has the most to say … but what does it say, indeed.

  17. They are touching photos that show the struggle for survival that people are going through.

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  19. Viewing these images can only help us appreciate how fortunate we are in comparison. When we think our lives are more than we can manage these photos remind us that it could be so much worse. A touching and thought provoking post. Fabulous …!!!

  20. Thank-you, Francine…very compelling. God Bless.

  21. My favorite images tell stories, and yours are all powerful images with stories to tell. thanks for sharing them.

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  23. Francine, You’re right. You really can only observe. The story is unknown. Thanks for this entry. It’s very profound.

  24. Full of stories behind. On the 2nd photo I smiled, remembered my father, bcoz of amputated leg still a jolly person.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  25. Excellent work Francine, and I completely agree with your top statement.

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