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It’s pre-season football time and I am excited about the new year.  I am a hard-nosed Steelers football fan, living in Steelers Country.  I didn’t have to think twice about what to post for Frizztext Story Challenge: Letter H.

My choice would be none other than Heinz Field, the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, an NFL football team and the Pitt Panthers from the University of Pittsburgh, a Big East Conference team, and where my granddaughter is a sophomore.  

I will be watching the Steelers from home because the majority of tickets are in the hands of season pass holders who pass them down from one generation to another. Steelers’ tickets are hard to obtain, they have been sold out for home games since 1972, but I will be in the stands for the Pitt Panthers games.

Let me give you a brief tour.  Heinz Field was built in 2001 on the North Shore along the banks of the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers.  The naming rights was awarded to H. J. Heinz Company, a locally – based business.

The stadium was so designed that at its’ open end you get a magnificent view of the city skyline and her rivers from within its’ gates.

Viewed from high atop Mount Washington you can also partake of a spectacular view of the stadium by day or by night.  You can sometimes hear the roar of the crowd from across the river along with a little play by play from the commentators.  Then on special game nights you can see the wonderful display of fireworks soaring into the air.

There are two four-story rotunda’s or ramps located at the open-ended part of the stadium and they provides you with a standing room view of the field and the city.

The inside of Heinz Field has seating for 65,050 faithful fans and visitors.  The field has a natural grass surface, one of only a few in the league.

I’m hoping for another wonderful year and maybe another Super Bowl Trophy to go along with the six we have already won.  GO STEELERS!

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  1. I do miss the NFL and college ball. Enjoy both seasons and if you get a chance, post an update or two for those of us overseas. Thanks for the lovely photos Francine. And I wish your granddaughter well. College is an exciting time!

  2. Really like your H-post, great idea and great shots – my favorite tomate always been HeinZ love that ketchup – “hard-nosed Steelers football fan” it look like a beatiful stadium with lots of atmosphere – hopes you and Steelers succeed the trophy hunt… 😉

  3. Oh wow, this looks great. My husband (starts with an H too hahaha) is a HUGE sports fan, I’m sure that if we chance upon your area, this is the first place we’d go. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  4. Great response to the challenge, Francine. I cannot wait for football season but I can wait for football weather!

  5. I’m a long time transplanted east coaster, living in calif. two favorite teams are patriots and steelers. Who can ever forget the steel curtain or the immaculate reception. Thanks for sharing.

  6. thank you for your HEINZ photo:
    one of my (German) names is HEINZ …

  7. That football ground looks great and built in a rectangle ,gives everyone a great view of the play., Some of our big football grounds are built in similar manner ,but what a great view you have from the ground ofthe cityand water . Lovely to see,thanks


  8. Of course…HEINZ Field! Good one. I remember when Three Rivers Stadium was imploded shortly after I moved to Pittsburgh, and when Heinz Field went up. I used to work on the North Shore and would park my car in the Heinz Field parking lot. Thanks for the trip down memory lane – from one Steelers fan to another!

  9. Thanks for the tour. I enjoyed it and din’t get tired of walking. lol I can’t imagine being among 65,000 people. I would be overwhelmed. Crowds give me anxiety. I like watching the ames at home. I’m looking forward to them. I’m a recent fan – about years. Each year, I learn more and more. I haven’t got a eam I totally like because i’m so new to the game. i usually pick one and my hubby picks another and we cheer for that one that day. ~~~~ : – )
    It’s a great entry for the challenge. Thanks for posting.
    P.S. Do they have Heinz ketchup in the stadium food area??? haha

  10. What a beautiful stadium Francine!

  11. I’m also looking forward to the new season. The Steelers are a great franchise, only second to the Packers.

    • That’s fine. My grandson is also a Packers fan. We have a good time trash talking each team. Of course, I win. (smile) Thanks for stopping by and your comment. By the way I like the Saints as well.

  12. Heinz Field looks magnificent. I bet the Steelers fans have a roaring fun time every time. Beautiful images that brings about excitement. Great post. Have a great weekend my friend.

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  14. Hi Francine! My name is Rachel – beautiful pictures! I was wondering if you allow any uses of your images? I particularly am interested in the stadium grass image for a poster I am making. Please give me an email, and again, wonderful pictures! Thank you,

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