Francine In Retirement
Seeing Life Through Photography



The Daily Post at is the sponsor of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban.  Please see other entries on their site, the link is above.




  1. makes me sad to see things deteriorate from what was no doubt a lovely series of buildings. these photos sure have a lot of impact.

  2. Very sad pictures. They sure tell a lot of stories though.

  3. yes, so sad, great pictures for telling a story francine 🙂

  4. Great interpretation of urban life Francine, well done 🙂

  5. Striking shots, Francine – the garage doors make an amazing image!

  6. The photos tell the tale. Nice job.

  7. You’ve captured their inner beauty, Francine and -as already mentioned- their stories!

  8. Urban scenes that makes you think and appreciate life. Love the shoes hanging on the string. I nominated you for Capture the Colour.

  9. Such sad photos, Francine. I was imagining what these places used to look like when they were newly built. Those shoes were also someone’s pride and joy at one time. 🙂

  10. Well done, Francine. Hopefully, as the economy improves, some of these buildings & homes will find new owners & purpose again.

  11. It is sad to see the decline of any neighborhood.
    A testament to what is going on right now. Well done …

  12. A powerful set of photos…stunning on many levels.

  13. It saddens me to see once loved homes in disrepair, I guess no one can afford to deal with it.

  14. YES! THIS is urban.

  15. I love these pictures. They make me want to be in politics to get the resources we should invest in restoring these neighborhoods. Even in these conditions, seen during the cold season, these houses can make me imagine joyous family moments.

  16. Fabulous work, Francine. I wish I had the time to participate in this challenge. It would have been right up my alley. Urban decay photography is spectacular. You must have enjoyed this.

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