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I am home from my trip to Phoenix, Az and  the Grand Canyon.  Above is one of my first photos taken there.  The shadows you see are caused by the clouds above.  On this trip not only did I tour the South Rim of the Canyon but I also visited a Navajo Reservation, Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Cameron Trading Post, Painted Desert, Montezuma Castle, Chapel of The Holy Cross, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and the copper mining town of Jerome.  I met some wonderful people and had an awesome time.

I have a lot to do in catching up on your wonderful post and it may take me a little time.  After that I will be posting the many photos of this once in a lifetime experience.  Everyday I will post different aspects of my trip, so I hope you will check them out.



17 Responses to “HOME FROM GRAND CANYON”

  1. I have yet to visit there but sure do want to 🙂

  2. that looks beautiful Franci!!! Ive always wanted to go there!! cant wait to see the rest of the pics!!

  3. Welcome back, Francine! Can’t wait to see them!

  4. Welcome home! That is one area of the country I have not been yet. Can’t wait to see your photos 🙂

  5. We’ll be there, Francine. Missed you.

  6. Welcome home…what a great photo, I love the light and shadows
    seems like the canyon is breathing, exhaling the shadows from far below
    Take Care

  7. I’m sure you’ll share in your wonderful way!

  8. Hi Francine; Glad you had a nice trip..The picture is beautiful.. God Bless you sister… Bro Pat.

  9. You made it! Stunning view of the Grand Canyon. Looking forward to seeing more photos and reading stories about the people, places….

  10. I’ve nominated you for the Adventurous Blogger Award. For information on the award and the process please visit me:

  11. Sounds like a wonderful trip Francine! Can’t wait to see all your pics!

  12. Welcome home, Francine. I cannot wait to hear all about your trip and to see your photos.

  13. Very cool cloud shadows.

  14. We definitely missed you Francine. Welcome back. What a wonderful trip and so many memories. Looking forward to your sharing more photos. Thanks for your good comments and all the “likes” on my blog.

  15. Welcome back! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the pics.

  16. …..and another Russel Ray camping trip comes to an end………………..Hope all is well.

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