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You cannot go to Verde Valley without viewing the spectacular monument of the Montezuma Castle, which has been called the best preserved example of Native American architecture in the Southwest

The Montezuma Castle’s cliff side was home to three centuries of resourceful Sinagua farmers.  It has clung tenaciously to its limestone ledge for more than 800 years.  The Castle is five stories tall, has 20 rooms, and covers 3,500 square feet of floor space.  Its alcove is about 35 feet deep.

Below are a few of the photographs I took on my visit to this historic and sacred place.



14 Responses to “MONTEZUMA CASTLE”

  1. Amazing how people lived. Probably quite safe.

  2. Such a fascinating place, Francine. Thank you sharing your photos and a bit of its history.

  3. You have now visited most of my favorite places in Arizona.

  4. I agree with a previous response. When I was at this site and another like it in Walnut Canyon, I kept thinking about the toddlers. How on earth did the moms keep them from simply running off the edge? (Having my own two very active boys with me at the time)

    I like the videos you’ve made. I need to do that again.

  5. Oh, I would love to see this! Thanks for sharing. It’s an amazing part of history.

  6. Amazing …and lovely video too!

  7. Lovely presentation, Francine. What a fascinating place indeed. Those Sinagua farmers and their families must have been very fit, and as you say, “resourceful .” Thanks for sharing your visit.

  8. As you know, it is even more amazing in person! Nice capture!

  9. oh Francine, this is absolutely spectacular. love your shots, and the blending with the music is so wonderful . Great shots—-WOW

  10. Beautiful photos and the wonderful Debussy, a perfect post Francine!

  11. Fabulous Francine. What a journey!

  12. This place is wonderful. I was just a child when I walked down the path and watched for this whole entire city to emerge from the wall beside me. I stared and stared and tried and tried to imagine living all the way up there. You totally brought me back to that moment. I just have to smile. Thank you.

  13. It’s incomprehensible how this was created and that people resided in them. Wonderful and informative …

  14. Didn’t the Pueblo and Anasazi leave behind similar strongholds and villages?

    I marvel at such pre-American architecture and engineering. You see that for the most part, there’s no one to ensure the upkeep on these constructions, yet they stand centuries of erosive forces without being constructed with any synthetic materials whatsoever.

    Truly marvels.

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