Francine In Retirement
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A red sunrise beneath the wing of my jetplane flight from Pittsburgh to Arizona. 

The red mountains of Sedona, Arizona.

Red sunset over the mountains. Photo was taken from my Phoenix hotel rooftop deck .

Ailsa from Where’s my backpack? is the organizer of the challenge, see other entries on her site listed here.



15 Responses to “TRAVEL THEME: RED”

  1. I liked all three, can’t pick a favorite photo!!

  2. Wow. Just beautiful Francine.

  3. It’s so beautiful…

  4. You could assemble your photos and the Sedona area use them for their travel brochures. Beautiful, Francine.

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  6. Ok, I was in Sedona and Arizona and did love the bright orange rocks. You’ve captured them well.

  7. Really stunning red images, Francine. 🙂

  8. Beautiful….and I know you have many “red” memories etched in your heart as well—from the red rocks of Sedona to the reds of the Grand Canyon. so glad you got to come out here—and see the beauty!

  9. The red mountains are my favourite 🙂

  10. these are gorgeous Francine…I love the red mountains in Arizona

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  13. The red clay dirt of the southwest is unique. I was fascinated the first time we visited. Your photos of the mountains are great. The different levels of dirt colors are very evident in your image. Very nice ….

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