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The last in my series taken from my visit to Arizona is a stop at the Cameron Trading Post. For nearly a century the Cameron Trading Post has been a Grand Canyon lodging haven for travelers, traders, vacationers and explorers who come from all points of the globe.  

But the Cameron Trading Post is more than an Indian lodge or Grand Canyon hotel. Established in 1916, the Cameron Indian Trading Post has become a showplace for fine Native American art and Southwest art.  

This Trading Post, with its beautiful and unique Native American Indian decor, houses some of the finest Native American Indian art in the Southwest, both contemporary and antique Indian art including Navajo rugs, Hopi kachinas, and Pueblo pottery. The Gift Shop offers a wide selection of Southwest art, Native American art, and Southwestern decor.   I was fortunate to witness a Native American Indian  woman weaving  a Navajo rug.

What will be my next adventure, I wonder?  Thank you for viewing my amazing journey and for all your wonderful and encouraging likes and comments.  I value and appreciate your support as I journey through my retirement years photographing life through the lens of my camera.




  1. That looks amazing! Wouldn’t mind owning even a teeny weeny one 🙂

  2. Such beautiful craftsmanship. Thanks, Francine, for taking the time to shoot, organize, and share all of these wonderful photos.

  3. Such amazing skill and artistry. Thanks Francine its been great to share your journey.

  4. What an art is that rug weaving! So fascinating to watch this weaver at work, Francine.

  5. I’ve traveled through the southwest and have always enjoyed their native crafts. They have amazing skills.

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