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Last year I was walking through the neighborhood of Oakland, where the University of Pittsburgh is located, when I noticed this mural above a local eatery.  I have walked these streets on many occasions and never saw this one before.  

I knew it was because I was checking out the area where my granddaughter’s freshman dorm was located.  I wanted to check out the influences that would be around her.

This stood out to me because it appears to be of another era.  Not the hip hop, internet, fast past society of today.  What was this image trying to convey?  Maybe one generation looking down on another generation, with relaxed interest.  

I also realized my granddaughter was raised with a good foundation and she will do well in her new environment.  No need to worry, all will work out for her good.  Now in her second year she has adjusted well to college life.

I needed a picture for FrizzTest’s Story Challenge: Letter K and this was one I had not used before.

What does the mural say to you?  Also check out other entries on link above.




  1. All the best to your granddaughter as she begins her new adventure of freshman year.

  2. thank you for the saying “KICK UP YOUR HEELS”!

  3. You must be very proud of your granddaughter, Francine. I like that relaxing mural. 🙂

  4. I love the feel of this mural…Kick back and enjoy life. I wish your granddaughter much success.

  5. Looks like he’s wearing a zoot suit.

  6. Cool mural and I love the old world vibe! I think he is telling you not to worry about your grand daughter too 😀

  7. I wish you granddaughter all the best in college and life in general. Indeed she is blessed to have the right foundations in life surrounded by people who love and support her in everything. As for the mural…timely! We all need to just sit, relax and enjoy what today brings. A cold drink sounds good too.

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