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The grandchildren are back in school and its time to get geared up for the excitement of high school football.

This year will be a new experience for us because the twins will each be going to two different high schools for the first time.

The two schools met on Friday night under the bright lights of George K. Cupples Field for their first head to head match.  The night was cool and overcast with the treat of rain.

Instead of splitting up, the grandkids decided to cheer for both teams and alternate sitting on both sides of the field.  This game they sat on USO’s side.  The next time the two teams come together, they will sit on the Brashear side.

Below are some highlights of the game.

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The game took on all the excitement expected in high school football.  There was plenty of drama. Missed passes,  field goals and tackles kept the fans in a continued uproar.  Some minor injuries occurred,  stopping the game for a few minutes.  The local news station was there to film highlight segments of the game to air on their channel later.

After three hours of fun, excitement, drama and disappointment, USO won the game 40 to 12.




9 Responses to “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS”

  1. Looks fun! I do miss American sports.

  2. Great action shots, Francine. It looks like a lot of fun for everyone. 🙂

  3. Terrific shots! I am right there with you. Lots at action and emotion. Go teams!!!
    The mascot is quite expressive.

  4. Goodness twins going to different schools, thats a huge milestone!

  5. I have always enjoyed watching my children and now my grandchildren play sports. It’s so much fun! Great photos, Francine. And have a great season!
    God Bless You!

  6. I loved your family’s solution to cheering. I wonder what the Twins’ reaction was, once they noticed that the cheering section had switched sides at half-time. What fun!

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