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I took these photos while on a class photo shoot at a bicycle shop a year ago.  The owner had inherited them with the building he purchased to set up his shop.  I only know the artist is deceased and was a female.  These bust were sitting in a corner that was full of bicycle parts.  They looked so lost and out-of-place that I was drawn to them.

Today was not a good day for me, it was gray, cold and damp outside.  A perfect mirror of my mood.  When looking through my archives to find a photo to post, I came across these and they described how I was feeling.



14 Responses to “I HAVE A HEADACHE”

  1. I hope tomorrow will be a great day for you

  2. That was a fun night but I am sorry to hear you feel like this woman in the sculpture. Hope you get relief soon. Nice pix

  3. Hope you’re feeling much better now, than that sculpture looks, Francine. 🙂

  4. Gorgeous! Gergous, Oh so gorgeous!
    Just watch a good sitcom comedy. Hope that’d ease you up for a bit.

  5. Well the sculptures are a great way to express your feelings but I really hope today is better!

  6. love the sculpture, she looks like she has a very bad headache ….. hope you are feeling better now … it is a dull rainy day again here in Paris …but we will be on the train to Zurich soon 🙂

  7. Oh, I think we’ve all been there, Francine. Lucky for most of us, it lasts but a day or two. I feel sorry for those for whom “gray skies” are a more or less permanent condition.

  8. I’m looking at these with a stinking headache so they are most appropriate!

  9. I hope the day gets better Francine. Take care

  10. I hope the you feel better now and the headache has gone away. Reading your post on inspiration, looks like a vibrant joy and light is back in your beautiful heart. I am too are drawn to this amazing sculpture. It is out of place and needs to be in an area where people can appreciate it’s amazing details. Great post!

  11. It looks like me when I have a migraine. Great shots!

  12. Oh dear. That sculpture does look like she’s having a terrible headache. Hope you’re feeling better 🙂

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