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A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of seeing replicas of two  of the three Christopher Columbus’ famous ships.  The two ships, The Nina and The Pinta sailed into Pittsburgh and landed on our North Shores for viewing.  They were a beautiful sight to behold.  I hope you enjoy the pictures I shot of their docking on our shores.

Who doesn’t remember the “IN 1492” poem from grade school that helped teach us a piece of the history of Columbus’ crossing.  If you have forgotten it, look below.

IN 1492

In fourteen hundred ninety-two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

He had three ships and left from Spain;
He sailed through sunshine, wind and rain.

He sailed by night; he sailed by day;
He used the stars to find his way.

A compass also helped him know
How to find the way to go.

Ninety sailors were on board;
Some men worked while others snored.

Then the workers went to sleep;
And others watched the ocean deep.

Day after day they looked for land;
They dreamed of trees and rocks and sand.

October 12 their dream came true,
You never saw a happier crew!

“Indians! Indians!” Columbus cried;
His heart was filled with joyful pride.

But “India” the land was not;
It was the Bahamas, and it was hot.

The Arakawa natives were very nice;
They gave the sailors food and spice.

Columbus sailed on to find some gold
To bring back home, as he’d been told.

He made the trip again and again,
Trading gold to bring to Spain.

The first American? No, not quite.
But Columbus was brave, and he was bright.




  1. Imagine crossing the ocean in one of those!

  2. Wow the time of true art! Beautiful ships and poetry at it’s best 🙂

  3. They look so small! I recognized the first few lines of that poem, but don’t think I ever heard the rest. But nobody can force me to memorize it any more.

  4. I didn’t grow up with the poem, but I like the idea of having a poem to learn history. Thank you for sharing Francina. Blessings to you. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  5. Awesome ship — and all I can ever remember is the first two line of the poem. 🙂
    God Bless You!

  6. Amazing how small those 3 ships were for such a lengthy voyage across unknown seas. I wonder how many of us, living today, would take that risk.

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