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Blogger friend Ruth has reported a sad day in history for many people in Pittsburgh.

Ruth E. Hendricks Photography

Schenley High School


on the National Register of Historic Places.  It was Andy Warhol’s high school
(And fellow blogger Francine’s high school, too! Here is her bloglink)

It’s been closed a few years now.

Well, the yellow sign says RELOCATED but that was temporary.

It’s gone now.

When I drive by this building it feels sad.  When I drove by today it was raining and I saw the For Sale sign out front.  If you want to see a magnificent aerial view of the building and where to send your bid to buy it, click here

I went to high school in Morristown, NJ so it isn’t my Alma Mater, but the empty building evokes a sense of loss.

There’s whole list of notable alumni but here’s a link to a photo of Andy Warhol’s homeroom class 1944-1945

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  1. My old grade school was demolished a few years back. When I drive past it makes me sad still. Beautiful old buildings with lots of memories. Now a soccer field.

  2. My primary school was taken down a few years ago and I was gutted. It was like part of my life had been taken away from me

    • Oh how well I know the feeling. It was a very sad day when they finally closed the school down. There were a lot of meeting and debates with the school board to try and save it.


  3. That`s too bad. All those memories gone.

  4. I do feel sad too. Something that holds many priceless memories will be lost forever. I just wish there was a way to save it.

  5. Thanks for reflagging Francine. It makes a lot of viewers feel sad, too and they empathize with your loss, your classmates’ loss and the city’s loss. I think the school board made a mistake!

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