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Plant Smiles, Grow Giggles, Harvest Love

Smiling is infectious, 
You catch it like the flu, 
When someone smiled at me today, 
I started smiling too. 
I passed around the corner, 
and someone saw my grin, 
When he smiled I realized, 
I’d passed it on to him . 

I thought about that smile, 
Then I realized its worth, 
A single smile just like mine, 
Could travel round the earth. 
So if you feel a smile begin, 
Don’t leave it undetected – 
Let’s start an epidemic quick 
And get the world infected!

Author Unknown

When I was in New York a few months ago, I couldn’t resist going into the M & M’s store in Times Square.  I am drawn to the happy yellow M & M’s that make a grown woman smile silly.

Get infected!  See more smiles on the Island Traveler’s site, Weekly Image of Life: Smile.  Catch a smile today!




  1. Seeing the smiles always makes me smile. 🙂

  2. I didn’t know there was an M&M store! Your post brought a smile and a plan to visit the store when I return to NYC. Mmmmmm. Did you make a purchase? 🙂

    • You could not miss it. There is a large light up billboard and another banner billboard displaying all the antics of the M & M characters. Of course I brought a lot of things there from tee shirts to key rings. (smile) We fought over them when I got home.

  3. What a great post – you’re right Francine! Can’t help but smile!

  4. hahah M&M always has some cool concepts. Yup, they got a smile out of me!

  5. Oh, what lovely smiles! 🙂

  6. Love your happy, smiley post, Francine. Happy weekend to you. 😀

  7. Bright and cheerful post bought a smile o my face, tyvm.

  8. I did smile as I clicked on…
    what a wonderful gift you shared today!
    Thank you…
    Take Care…

  9. I’ve been to the M&M store. I brought home plates and mugs for my entirely grown up kids – just because both the kitchenware and my 2 wonderful kids make me smile!
    And today, so did you!
    Still smiling!!!

  10. Thanks Francine. That raised a lovely smile. (I like the edibles too)

  11. Love those mugs!

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  13. Perfect! And yes I am smiling 🙂

  14. M and M’s , who can resist it’s delicious sweetness and the smile it brings. Love the poem my friend. I agree that smile is infectious and it’s one infection we must spread…fast! Have a blessed day full of love, laughter and yes, smiles!!!

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