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In response to a recent rash of gun violence around the city of Pittsburgh, community leaders organized a Stop the Violence walk.

Letitia Walker said violence like the shooting at a youth football game in East Liberty inspired her to organize the walk.

“I’m tired of burying my friends. Now I have to watch one of my good friends bury her mother due to a senseless act of killing and violence,” Walker said.

The march started at Wilkinsburg High School to the Obama International Studies Academy School field. It’s scheduled start was 3 p.m. Sunday.

“I have two daughters and they want to cheerlead, but I can’t allow it now because I’m in fear for their lives. We shouldn’t have to live in fear. It’s not fair to us, and it’s not fair to the children,” Walker said.

Walker said she hopes to accomplish peace and justice with the walk.

“How can the police know where to begin to look if no one says anything? I think that’s a huge problem, and I want to bring awareness. It’s not being a snitch or a rat. It’s bringing justice to a family that needs it,” Walker said.

Walker said everyone attending the walk is asked to wear red, which represents stopping the bloodshed.

During the same weekend a star football player was an innocent victim killed when gunfire broke out in his own neighborhood.

Below are photos I took of the walk against violence.

When I was growing up we solved our problems with words and maybe a little fist fight that was over after each person got his lick in.  It never escalated to violence.

Not now!  Today a day does not go by where someone is either shot down, killed while driving drunk or like the above incidence, innocent victims caught in the crossfire.

Why?  For what?  When will it end?  Questions we all ask.  What I do know is that each of us can make a difference.  I remember the Chinese Proverb that said.

“If there is righteousness in the heart,

there will be beauty in the character.

If there be beauty in the character,

there will be harmony in the home.

If there is harmony in the home,

there will be order in the nation.

When there is order in the nation,

there will be peace in the world.”

We have to start somewhere.  Each one can teach one and it starts at home.  They once said it takes a community to raise a child, maybe we need to get back to that.  What other choice do we have.  Our future is in the hands of our young, and they are killing each other.  Do we stand around and let the future die?  Hug a child today!  Teach a child today!  Let them know they matter.  Life is precious, don’t waste it!

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15 Responses to “STOP THE VIOLENCE”

  1. Thoughtful and thought-provoking post. YES! Please stop the violence. Here in SA we live in a violent society. Words are becoming forgotten in negotiating situations; it’s fists if you’re very lucky, broken bottles, knives or guns if you aren’t. Teach children respect for everyone and everything. It is the only hope we have.

  2. Great post, Francine. It’s so important to draw attention to this cause. Violence is so prevalent all over the world.

  3. I could not have said it better. I totally agree. Let’s stop this violence!

  4. Thank you for covering this story. I am trying my best to not bring awarness to the violence, but bring awareness that Justice is in our hands. We live in a world that they believe if they speak to authority about information they know concerning a crime, that they would be a snitch and therefore retailated against. This is not so….we need people to speak up and speak out!!!!!

    Lets get justice to these vitcims and their loved ones!

    Thank you to everyone that supported this walk, I did not expect the outcome that I received….but i loved every moment!

    • Letitia, Thank you for responding to this post. Your efforts to bring awareness to the problem that we face in our communities is to be commended. If each one of us take an active part in mentoring, encouraging, training our children we can go a long way in stopping the violence around us.



  6. I have to ask, did the parents of the shooters or victims participate? I know it sounds critical, and as there are those who would only criticize I believe; instead, that they might be as intrumental at bringing the combat zones of North American cities like Pittsburg and Toronto to their ends.

    I don’t to point fingers at the parents, I want the parents to point fingers at their combative sons and daughters. Tell them that they weren’t brought into the world to be so destructive, merciless, bloodthirsty and dishouring to their family names and pride.

    I want them to instill in their children the arrant futility of warring over running shoes, the posession of boyfriends and girlfriends who barely know what love is, drug dealing territories, somebody starring at them in some way, bumping into them or some trivial argument.

    I want these parents to teach their kids that they can improve the life for themselves, their neighbourhoods and their their cities if they just reach for it and employ themselves. Do it so that these youngsters; usually, can still have a real future.

    • Parents of victims of these violent crimes did attend the walk. Some wore tee shirts with faces of their love ones on them. Today was another sad day for me because I attended the funeral of the young football star who was shot last Sunday. The march was for him and the grandmother who was shot last Saturday. A later post will cover that. One of the reasons for the march was for people to get involved in stopping the violence and encouraging those who know the shooters to come forward. Read the comment by the march’s organizer, she points out what our part is in stopping the killings. Thank you for your comment.



  7. Looking at your photos, I see many young people participating in the walk. It is good because the culture of nonviolence should really start among the young.

  8. An inspiring effort by Letitia.
    I felt saddened reading this Francine. In our race to ape the west, it seems like young kids in our large metros are absorbing all the bad and none of the good. Or perhaps it is just that the whole world is on a downward spiral. My thoughts are with the victims families.

  9. It is sad that we continue to see such horror in our neighborhoods… Your post is important…

  10. Something everyone should read, embrace and live in their hearts, ““If there is righteousness in the heart,

    there will be beauty in the character.

    If there be beauty in the character,

    there will be harmony in the home.

    If there is harmony in the home,

    there will be order in the nation.

    When there is order in the nation,

    there will be peace in the world.” Thanks for speaking out the thrush and for encouraging others to do the same.

  11. I’m so, so sick of mindless gun violence. And it’s spreading fast in what used to be the peaceful Belize. People here are marching up in mass numbers in the streets protesting the gun violence which used to be confined to the horrible slums in south Belize City but no more. The world just seems saturated in guns and evermore lethal guns good for nothing but the undertaker.

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