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While on my way to the Grand Canyon, our tour van passed this old U.S. Air Force Museum.  Camera readily in hand I was able to snap these quick shots through the window.

Once I returned home, I found the below video on YouTube of one of these beauties flying over the Grand Canyon.



17 Responses to “WHERE DO OLD PLANES GO?”

  1. Being an old pilot and loving flying, this is wonderful.

    • Thank you so much. At first I wasn’t going to post these because they were taken while driving by and wasn’t of good quality, so I am glad you like them.


  2. Glad they are not all chewed up and demolished in a pile, Francine.
    My son and his family have been here but I have not. I feel like I have been here after taking the tour with you. Thanks.

  3. Very nice shots from the window! The nose on the planes reminds me of old cartoons of airplanes. They are actually very cute noses. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. At least people can still enjoy them – a friends brother has a decommissioned Jump Jet locked in a warehouse just outside town!

  5. Wow! Thanks for taking us to place that celebrates the past and the things we all should learn from it. My great grandfather was apilot during WW-II and died during a plane landing. This post help us remember those who offered their lives for a piece of a dream and the freedom we all now enjoy.

  6. It still amazes me that these things — and today’s supersonic counterparts — manage to get off the ground at all. You sure had a steady hand, Francine, taking such great photos from a window. Well done.

    • Thanks, Always wanting to see as much as I can while on these trips my eyes are always glued to the windows trying not to miss anything. This was a surprised sighting not on the tour program. I was glad to have captured it.


  7. Thank you for posting t hese photos. My husband is retired from USAF and oftne says all the airplanes he worked on are now in the museum so we got quite a bit of comfort from all of his old friends

    • I am so glad to see your comment and know my photos brought comfort to your husband in his retirement from the USAF. I am so glad I decided to post them.

  8. That is a very well maintained B-17 flying over the Hoover Dam and into the canyon.

    Great video. Great to see these old birds still flying. The CWHM maintains a Lancaster, Mitchell, Corsair and Spitfier all in top flight condition.

  9. Lovely shots, Francine. 🙂

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