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Recently I joined a Meetup group of Pittsburgh’s Women Travel Club for a visit to Bedford County Covered Bridges.  I met ten wonderful women from across the Pittsburgh area with like interest in travel and meeting new people.  We spent an enjoyable day viewing the covered bridges, getting to know one another and having a wonderful lunch at the historic Omni Bedford Springs Resort nestled in the Allegheny Mountains of south-central Pennsylvania. (the subject of an up coming post)

The day was a little overcast with off and on rain and some occasions of sudden sun bursts but the temperature was pleasant.  


Bowser Covered Bridge

Photo Album

This structure was built in 1890  and crosses Bob’s Creek, the length of the bridge is 90 ft. and the width is 12 ft. 4″ utilizing the burr truss. The builder of the bridge is unknown and the owner is Bedford county. 

This bridge allows no traffic, there is a modern bridge alongside this structure. The bridge is in very good shape and well maintained. It sits in a beautiful open setting of rolling hills and farm land. This is a must to see bridge and other jewel of Bedford County.

Snooks Covered Bridge
This uniquely named bridge takes its name from Jacob Snooks. It is located near what was, years ago, Snook’s home. 82 feet in length, this is a Burr Truss design that was built in 1883. Spanning Dunnings Creek, it is found just off of Route 56, north of Fishertown, on Township Route 554. County owned.

The Snooks Bridge is open to traffic.

Dr. Knisley Covered Bridge

Photo Album

Dr. Knisley bridge  was built in 1867 and the builder is unknown and is privately owned. The structure construction utilizes the Burr truss its length is 80ft and width 12 ft. The bridge is only open to foot traffic and it crosses Dunnings Creek. 

This bridge is in beautiful condition and the setting surrounding the bridge really does it justice. The bridge is well maintained and one of the nicest in Bedford county. It is a bridge that is nice to photograph no matter the season. Although the bridge is blocked off from any traffic and privately owned there are no “No Trespassing” signs visible on or around the bridge. 

Ryot Covered Bridge
Lost to fire in 2002, Bedford County Commissioners committed to rebuild this structure. The bridge was rebuilt and reopened to traffic in 2004. This covered bridge takes its name from the nearby town of Ryot, PA. It is a Burr Truss design, 83 1/2 feet long. The Ryot Bridge crosses Dunnings Creek between Route 96 and Route 56. County owned It rests on stone and mortar abutments. The Ryot Bridge is driveable. 


Cuppett’s Covered Bridge

Photo Album

This bridge was built in 1882 using the Burr truss and crosses Dunnings Creek. The length is 60 feet and the width is 12 feet. The builder is unknown and the owner at the present date is private. The bridge is not open to traffic but has access to a walk across. The bridge had been refurbished in natural wood not painted like most of the bridges in white. The bridge is in very good condition.

Claycomb Covered Bridge

Photo Album

Claycomb/Reynoldsdale Bridge had been recently reconstructed in 2006 and has a weight limit of 28 tons, this is not common for covered bridges. The bridge is located at the entrance of Old Bedford village, being a tourist attraction it has quite a lot of bus traffic that goes across the bridge, this would account for the heavy tonnage on the structure. This bridge was originally built in 1880 at Reynoldsdale approximately fifteen miles north of its present location. The bridge was moved to its new location in 1975. This structure utilizes the Burr Truss and crosses Raystown Branch, Juniata River. The length of the bridge is 126 feet and the width is 13 ft. 10 in., it is open to all traffic and is in excellent condition. 

The photo of this bridge was taken from the internet.



21 Responses to “COVERED BRIDGES”

  1. I truly do love visiting your site to soak in the beauty of your work. You truly are a great photographer. These wooden covered bridges are awesome. The Bowser Covered Bridge I have seen before while visiting in Bedford. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. Peace and blessings be yours to enjoy this day.

  2. Beautiful shots Francine! I remember seeing some in the ‘Bridges of Madison County’. Where was that movie shot any idea?

  3. Aren’t they great? and I love the idea of the women’s travel group!

  4. Interesting bridges, Francine.

  5. Sounds like you had a beautiful day, Francine. Love the photos! Blessings, love & light, S

  6. I loved seeing the covered bridges in New England. They are all so different. Great pics, Francine. 🙂

  7. Wonderful collection of some fantastic bridges, Francine.

  8. Francine, you are an amazing talented photographer. Pictures absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. Any px that your budding protege’ took anywhere? LOL How about all of us smacking around? LOL “Work it girl, work it!” Such a delight and pleasure to meet you. May you and all you love be safe in this storm. Praying for all who are affected.


    • I enjoyed meeting you and the rest of the women on this trip. Your encouraging words are very kind. I do have pictures of everyone and will do a separate post on the wonderful people I’ve met on my tours. The series of photos taken of me are so funny. Stay safe in the approaching storm.

  9. I haven’t really come across covered bridges before – fascinating . A good photo opportunity trip and LUNCH with new friends – smashing.

  10. I had taken a few photo of covered bridges in Pa. It was when we were in the Pennsylvannia Dutch area. I can’t remember the town nor do I have the photo’s readily available as they are in old albums when photo’s had to be sen out for developing and we would put them in albums.
    I’ll enjoy yours instead. They are all very nice and so well taken.
    blessings …

  11. Thank you so much for your beautiful photographs. My husband, Jim, was a great grandson of the original John Cuppett who owned this land where the bridge is built. Jim’s great grandfather Eugene was one of the 6 sons that inherited the farm. My husband died in 2011 and is buried in the New Paris cemetery located very near the Cuppett Bridge. His tombstone is engraved with a photo of the Cuppett Bridge. I still own his parents home in Bedford and use it often in the summer. I was looking for a photo of the bridge to include in my grandsons photo album. Your photos were wonderful. Thanks so much for helping me to keep these beautiful memories alive. Carol Cuppett

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