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It was November 5, 2012 and there was a get out the vote rally in Market Square,  downtown Pittsburgh.  

The eve of the presidential election the square was overflowing with over 5,000 people cramming to see and hear former President Bill Clinton. (see related article).  

The sky was gray, the air was crisp but the hearts of the people were warm with excitement.  

The next day I was on my way to vote and captured other people encouraging you to exercise your right to vote in this important election.

Click on photo to see larger image.

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9 Responses to “STORY CHALLENGE LETTER: “S””

  1. I’m so glad so many voted yesterday, some waiting for hours to do so. Democracy can only work if people participate.

  2. Fascinating to see democracy in action 🙂

  3. Wonderful images, Francine. It’s a happy day today. I heard many people at the gym, expressing their satisfaction at the outcome. 🙂

  4. Great street photography Francine 🙂

  5. Lovely street photos. And congratulations with the election. Hopefully it bring good times to the USA and its people.

  6. Glad your man made it, Francine.

  7. Federal elections in the US always appear to be taken very seriously and enthusiastically to me. Even if you don’t like a particular candidate or party, mosty seem likely to always choose at least one side and rally behind that runner with considerable passion; as it should be.

    In Canada, it hasn’t been that way in pretty much 30 years, and official statistics repeatedly show it. Most citizens have written off all career politicians as cancer viruses regardless of party or platform. Municipal, provincial and federal public officials are well known for not keeping promises and lacking transparency. The longstanding Liberal Party is in shambles and desperately looking for a federal leader and a provincial leader in Ontario. Nobody with their caucuses wants the jobs.

    My hat is off to the American people who still hold on to the conventions of Democracy with furvor. Don’t ever lose that.

  8. great result francine, we are sighing with relief over here 🙂

  9. GREAT (FANTASTIC) shot Francine!

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