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It was February 6, 2010 and I didn’t have to travel far to capture a beautiful soft winter wonderland.  

The time on my camera said it was 12:14 am.  I don’t know what awaken me, but I looked out my back window into my yard and I couldn’t believe what I saw.  I turned on the overhead spot light and the soft light revealed a beautiful scene of newly fallen snow blanketing the trees and the ground.

The grace and elegance of the softly falling snow, when they came together onto the branches of the trees, had them bowing in sweet surrender.

When I looked out the front window I saw that the street light and a neighbors pole lantern had spread a soft glow over the street highlighting several inches of snow on the street and cars.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I learned later in the day that we had received a record 22 inches of snow that had the entire city covered and at a standstill.  Oh how beautiful it was!

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37 Responses to “TRAVEL THEME: SOFT”

  1. Your midnight photos capture the beauty perfectly. How the sounds of the world are muffled- that was quite a snowfall and you document its magnificence. Well done.

  2. I expect it was the change in the light that woke you. Twenty two inches, thats staggering!

  3. Your snow pix make me what winter to come sooner!

    • The first big snow fall is very pretty but I don’t think I want 22 inches any time soon. We have already had snow in some parts of the state as a result of Sandy. We were spared this time.

  4. I miss the snow ! lovely pictures.

  5. Amazing photos, Francine. The snow is early this year, I think. 🙂

  6. Subtle, soft and beautiful, Francine!

  7. Beautiful scene, beautifully rendered. And the official start of winter is still a month away…

  8. Really really soft !
    Great choice for this theme ! 😉

  9. Please don’t remind me, Francine. It can’t be far away. But such beautiful photography and perfect for the theme.

    • Thank Johanna, not far away at all. We had a lot of snow on the other side of our state and some right outside of Pittsburgh. Thanks for stopping by.


  10. Great pictures ! good thing you woke up…. V.

  11. Beautiful photos of the fallen snow. I love to listen to the quiet snow falling…there is just something about hearing the snow fall. I love your photos and slideshow. Thank you for sharing 😉

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  13. Such a stunning shot, Francine. Isn’t it beautiful, late at night, just after a snowstorm? I really do love it.

  14. I grew up in Wilkes-Barre, PA. As a child, I experienced many cold and snowy winters. Fortunately, where I now live I no longer have to walk in snow, drive in snow, or shovel snow. Praise the Lord!

  15. Wow, so beautiful. There is nothing softer than falling snow when it is gentle and quiet. The lighting on your photos makes them truly exquisite!

  16. I agree – the photos are photos and it must have been a stunning sight to behold. Loved the photos with the soft blue light.

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  18. beautiful Francine

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  20. A delightful Winter wonderland indeed. I hope to see one when I visit my sis in Connecticut this Thanksgiving.

  21. Snow can be so beautiful…..I love the soft, quiet, stillness of it.

  22. Gorgeous snowscapes!

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