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Seeing Life Through Photography




The above photos were taken while sitting in the reception room of a doctor’s office.  The entrance into the office was through a glass block entry way.  While waiting to be seen I noticed the way the light from outside formed different patterns on the windows.  The reflections were wonderful.  I took a number of shots and then played with the saturation button in Photoshop to bring out the colors with the above results.

You never know what is hidden in the reflection of the sun through a glass block window.  I had fun experimenting.  I hope you enjoy them.

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  1. That’s a new angle. Very nice.

  2. Those are amazing, Francine. The end result is more like paintings than photographs. I wish some of my doctors had glass block walls! It would certainly pass the waiting time more pleasantly than old People magazines.

  3. Hope it all went well at the doctors’s. Looks like you had some time to wait! 😉

  4. Well your experiment really paid off – this is my favourite this week!

  5. These are great! Beautiful art.

  6. Beautiful – they really are like paintings!

  7. What an interesting effect you achieved. Thanks, Francine’s Doc!

  8. Hello and many thanks for finding the time to have a peek at my blogs (beeseeker and muck, line and thinker). This was my first foray into Photo Challenge; there are some superb interpretations of refelections, so will be trying again next time.

  9. I really love stuff like this, where you just spot an opportunity for a great shot. They are really lovely.

  10. These are lovely, Francine. What a fun experiment!

  11. These are brilliant, like artworks rather than photos.

  12. Very creative, Francine. I doubt that I would have guessed that you used glass blocks for the images had you asked. Well done!

  13. Your creations came out beautifully Francine.

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  15. Very cool series Francine. Nicely done!

  16. Francine, your photographs are beautiful! I really liked your spin on this challenge! Very creative! May the Lord bless you!


  17. I see everything from a sea monster to caramel to amoeba and so much more looking @ these close up Francine .Gorgeous !

  18. Stunning. Love the colors!

  19. Wow, those reflections are gorgeous. I like your creativity as you played with the colors and various reflections.

  20. Cool! Thank you for capturing them for us to enjoy too!


  21. These are gorgeous – you should make your own glass block wall poster from all of them!

  22. Truly beautiful shots… finally catching up. 🙂

  23. Fantastic! And very creative! Lovely work!

  24. These are awesome! Beautiful colors that look like modern art paintings. FUN!

  25. Marvelously creative … both in concept and in execution. A well thought out post for the challenge. GREAT …!!!!

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  27. I love the photos they are beautiful!

  28. Very cool! I love the way you saw the extraordinary in the ordinary. Abstract photos are beautiful and creative. Good eye. Thanks for “Liking” my blog today — I may not have found you otherwise!

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