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Jakesprinter has given us a very challenging theme that I found, at first, hard to interrupt in photos.  Then I viewed the pictures I took last night of the exhibit of gingerbread houses on display in the PPG Wintergarden located in downtown Pittsburgh.

These houses were the result of area children’s design and concept of what a gingerbread house looks like to them.  I hope you enjoy a few of their presentations in the below photos.  Also view the Sunday Post: Concept to see how others handled this theme.

IMG_9344A IMG_9339A IMG_9337A IMG_9333A IMG_9321A IMG_9319A IMG_9314A IMG_9312A IMG_9311A IMG_9305A IMG_9304A IMG_9299A IMG_9295A IMG_9290A IMG_9288A IMG_9285A IMG_9284A




24 Responses to “SUNDAY POST: CONCEPTS”

  1. Beautiful .. these are real artworks!

  2. These are lovely Francine. I am really enjoying your Christmas posts.

  3. These photos made me smile. Thank you, Francine!!

  4. Totally brilliant concept, Francine! Even one of your favourite things- a lighthouse. Wonderful!

  5. Nice pics, Francine. I still like the traditional gingerbread houses best.

  6. WOW Francine…what creativity. That lighthouse is a work of art…i love your series for this week. All of them.

  7. I really love your entry for this week theme Francine what agreat concept for Christmas ,Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

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  10. These are great, Francine. Love the Gingerbread White House.

  11. I really love this post!! My fave is the White House! Thank you!!!

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  13. Fantastic shots! LOVE EM!

  14. Aren’t they just super, i love the white house and pentagon!

  15. Brilliant entry! Creative artwork

  16. Awww … these houses are wonderful. There is so much creativity and thought that has been put into them.The first photo juts ugs at the heart strings. Very nice …..

  17. the children are talented to come up with these designs! 🙂

  18. Everything spells “Christmas!” Beautiful!

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  20. […] Sunday Post: Concepts ( […]

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