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“I will not fear

Through all my dreams

Come shattering down around my feet,

For God is near,

I will hold on

To him

Who helps me

Rise above life’s stormy sea.

I’ll trust His grace

To keep me in my darkest hour.

I will not fear.

For God is near.

I see a light –

A wondrous, bright and shining light

That lights my way

To see the path ahead.

This light of love and grace

Just seems to cover me.

I know no fear, for God is near.”

Shirley W. Langley

Fear thou not for I am with thee; be

not dismayed for I am thy God.”

                          Is. 41:10

Whenever tragedy strikes and I need help to cope with life and death, I cry out to God to help me. He is The Great Helper. His help compares to none other. It is the kind of help that makes a difference for today and for the future. This song is based on Psalm 121.




6 Responses to “GOD IS NEAR”

  1. God please heal our nation!

  2. I pray for healing and strength to all the souls affected..

  3. Beautifully said …

  4. Beautiful, Francine.

  5. During this difficult times, God is our light, hope and salvation. He will give is comfort, strength and a heart full of love, courage and generosity. Beautiful . Merry Christmas and best wishes to you and your family.

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