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DECEMBER 21, 2012

The ancient season of Yule is a time of both reflection and celebration.  A time to connect in a rational way with one’s inner wisdom and with the people that surround them.

Yule is when we celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year.  Starting the morning after the winter solstice at sunrise.  The sun climbs just a little higher and stays a little longer in the sky each day.  An important part of any Yule celebration is light — candles, bonfires, and more.

Yule Blessings

Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg Yule

Pine & scented log, our winter fuel.

Oranges, nuts and mulling spice.

Holly and ivy greenery twice.

Fires and family snuggled tight.

Together and loving this longest of night.

Frost and snow twinkle without.

Faces of love contain little doubt.

Holding these friends and family close.

With love and care in equal dose.

So now upon this magical night.

Warm within watching starlight.

Spices rare and incense burns.

Celebrate with joy a world that turns.

Author Unknown

Festival of Lights

Blessed is the season

Which engages the

Whole world

In a conspiracy of love.


You are invited to visit Flickr Comments Story Challenge: Letter “Y” by FrizzText to see more entries.



8 Responses to “STORY CHALLENGE: LETTER “Y””

  1. That’s a lovely poem, Francine and a shame that the author is unknown. Unfortunately, my favorite local TV meteorologist says it is pretty close to 0% chance for a white Christmas here in southern Virginia.

  2. What a lovely Christmas poem, Francine. The images of fire and light are very warming. 🙂

  3. such a beautiful poem.. what a nice post

  4. Lovely choice for the season with your ‘ Y ‘ Francine .. a warming post 😉
    We try and light a ‘yule’ log on Christmas Eve outside if it isn’t raining !!

  5. A warm and wonderful post, Francine. Perfect for the Yuletide.

  6. thank you for introducing YULE =
    “The ancient season of Yule is a time of both reflection and celebration…”

  7. Lovely mood in these Francine, beautiful!
    Have a nice day

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