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Most of you who follow this blog know that I had a goal to visit the Grand Canyon in 2012.  

As the time approached and all the plans were made I was told that my trip had been cancelled.  

Not believing this to be true, I preserved in prayer, having faith that my goal would still be accomplished.  

Below in the video I created, you will be able to see how this came about with views of an amazing place.  I am still basking in the effect this inspiring canyon has had upon my life.


To see more planned or accomplished goals by fellow bloggers, visit Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post: Goals.  

May all that you desire and prepare for in 2013 be accomplished.

Vision + Goals + Preparation & Perseverance = Completion



24 Responses to “SUNDAY POST: GOALS”

  1. lovely work francine, sooo glad you reached your goal!

  2. I’m so glad you made it happen! Wonderful!

  3. Faith can moves mountains and in this case you stand witness to God’s glory by seeing his amazing creation, the Grand Canyons. Breathtakinglu beautiful!

  4. A Goal accomplished ! Very happy for you Francine 🙂

  5. Very beautiful, beautifully done!

  6. I retired in 2010 after 42 years of working for the man. My first act as a retired senior was to fulfill the most important item on my short “Bucket List”, a traveling vacation. I used up one of my final bonus checks to schedule a bus trip with Green Tortoise Tours on their Great Southwestern Canyons Tour. That included Zion, Bryce, Arches, Monument Valley & The Grand Canyon.

    I planned this trip for at least 6 months in advance, booking passage with the touring company based out of San Francisco. I joined 35 other wayward travelers from a dozen different countries at the Green Tortoise Hostel, where the tour bus picked us all up.

    The final stop in our canyon tour brought us to the Grand Canyon. Personally, it was the least attractive and fun stop on our journey. It was the first week of August when we arrived and there were thousands of tourists from all over the world scurrying around like ants. There are a lot of rude & crude tourists at these landmark parks that can ruin a good thing.

    My favorite canyon stop by far was Monument Valley, Utah. The wide open scenic vistas and the Navajo People were responsible for making it so memorable. The Navajo guide that drove 13 of us to the best photographic spots was a delight. He left a lasting impression with all of us that decided to take the jeep tour. The other half of our group decided on the horseback tour. They loved their version as we exchanged stories after it was all over.

    • I am so sorry you experienced a bad time at the Grand Canyon. I was there at the end of Aug. 2012. I was surprised that their were few people there. Everyone viewing the Canyon did it with quiet respect for the wonders of creation. I was thinking about taking another tour to Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley, Utah. Thank you for your recommendation of Green Tortoise Tours, I will check them out. Wishing you the best in your retirement years.

      • Green Tortoise Tours has been around for decades. They are a wonderful organization that make it possible to see our magnificent country at a price most can afford. I hope you make it to another visit to the Southwest. – Bob

  7. Success! fabulous 🙂

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  9. Love how you put it all together. How Inspiring!

  10. Beautiful photos, the slide show, and most of all the words of it.:)

    have a Blessed day Francine,

  11. Wonderful slide show, Francine. The Grand Canyon is truly a great wonder to behold.

  12. Oh, how inspiring! Awesome photography. You reminded me of our trip there in 2010 – the best stop of our 5,300 mile trip. Never have I seen more breathtaking beauty. It really puts you in a state of awe and amazement at what art God can create, doesn’t it? I love that you reached this goal! And many more great accomplishments are in store for you this year. 2013, our year of Jubilee!!!

  13. Wonderful, Francine!

  14. Beautiful pictures, and i am so happy you got to go! God bless!!

  15. Great video Francine thanks for sharing my friend ,
    wish you the best for 2013 🙂

  16. I admire your tenacity. Nice video. This was a wondeful trip for you. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. A stunning place. I’ve been there, but I was one so I have no memory of it. I must make it one of my goals.

  18. Very inspiring Francine! Hope to get there someday 🙂

  19. Your video is fantastic and shows how powerful goal setting can be in a persons life. I am so happy you achieved your goal! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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