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Hockey Flag

The National Hockey League’s lockout is over.  January turns out to be the perfect time for a thaw — that is in the NHL.



After three-plus months without hockey, Pittsburgh Penguin fans are eagerly awaiting the Saturday, January 19th, start of the new season.  The first game  will be held in Philadelphia against the Flyers at their Wells Fargo Center.


The above photos were taken on March 7, 2012 at the unveiling of the Mario Lemieux Statue in front of the Consol Energy Center, the home of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Pittsburgh Penguins

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10 Responses to “A GREAT DAY FOR HOCKEY”

  1. Your photos of the hockey players is perfect for this good news for hockey!

  2. Geat photos of the statues which look so life like. Whoever did the sculpting is a great artist.

  3. It’s about time, too! YAY!!!!

  4. Will you be at the game?

  5. Sounds like an exciting season ahead. Great photos!

  6. Good news–I feel out of it though since I didn’t know it was happening.

  7. I am not a great fan but it was a great game in the past. I was a Montreal Canadian fan when they were only 6 teams. Now they play for money.
    Good luck for your team.
    By the way great pictures, hak you for sharing.

  8. A bunch of us Canadians were on the verge of coming unglued with the lockout but we’re doing much better now!

    Seriously, many hockey lovers in my neck of the woods were so sick of hearing about the arguments about money when most don’t make anywhere as much as the NHL administrators, players or the union reps. Some die-hard NHL fans have said that as the squabblers cost fans 10 games out of the season, they’ll boycott the first 10 games aired on TV.

    I think they’ll tune in though. Watching hockey up here is like buying gas for your car. Even when you know you shouldn’t, you go after it anyway.

    If protestors were serious, they’d not only tune out the games but they’d watch go to AHL games instead, and demand that at east this season’s Stanley Cup be scrapped on the metals market to feed a few poor people.

  9. Those are incredible sculptures!

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