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Last year I visited the Cambridge Glass Museum, where I saw a wonderful collection of Cambridge Glass and given a guided tour showing how glass was made in the early 1900th. 

Below are some of the photos I took of the elegant chandelier and dinnerware.  Also a slideshow showing how the glass pieces were made.



slideshow of workers

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Videos about history of Cambridge Glass 

To see Ailsa’s amazing selection of glass she has photographed, plus entries from other wonderful bloggers, visit Where’s my backpack? Travel Theme: Glass.

Related Information:  National Cambridge Collection



21 Responses to “TRAVEL THEME: GLASS”

  1. How very pretty! I should think if any was for sale it would be very expensive.

  2. Beautiful. Love those dainty wine glasses.

  3. I agree with Lucid Gypsy. These certainly look out of my price range but they are beautiful pictures. There is something about the sparkle of glass in a photo that attracts me. You post such variable and interesting things, Francine! Thank you.

  4. Lovely glassware. Nice photos.

  5. Oh, I hope I’m invited for dinner! Such beautiful and pretty glass things. I really enjoyed looking at your photos.

  6. enjoy the legacy of Cambridge Glass! Thank you, Francine!

  7. Lovely pics and video, Francine. Love that gorgeous chandelier. 🙂

  8. what an elegant chandelier.. i love it!

  9. Francine, I went through Cambridge but not the museum. Your photos inspire me to return. Thanks for sharing

  10. Some beautiful pieces of glass, Francine, and a wonderful response to the challenge.

  11. Beautiful glassware – and a stunning chandelier.

  12. Beautiful entries Francine!

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  14. That chandelier is a darling. 🙂 Thank you for showing us interesting places, Francine.

  15. Love the peachy color in those top shots – great gallery, Francine!

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  17. I love the elegant table settings!

  18. This crystal is real appreciation of beauty! thank you!

  19. Beautiful! Thanks for the tour!

  20. Beautiful setting. 🙂

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