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This post is entered in The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond.  To see other entries visit there link highlighted above.

PS. Trying to win a trip to Australia with the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Wish me luck.




  1. stunning views of the canyon, perfect for the theme of beyond 🙂

  2. Woops, I did not know that typing the URL would put the vid on here. Feel free to delete it, Francine. I’m Sorry!

  3. […] WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: BEYOND « Francine In Retirement […]

  4. […] WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: BEYOND « Francine In Retirement […]

  5. Very good pictures, were you in an helicopter when you took these pictue.

  6. Fabulous! Someday I have to see this place.

  7. I will retry without the vid this time – the theme could be the song “Get Your Kicks on Route 66.” Once again, I’m sorry Francine but I will know not to do that again. For those that do not know, I typed the URL of a song on youtube and it embedded in the comments.

    • No problem. I removed it because you asked me too. I remember seeing it on your post and enjoyed it. On our way to the Cameron Indian Post we crossed an intersection on old Route 66, I think I even has a photo of it.

      • I thought of Rt 66 because Flagstaff, AZ is in the lyrics to the song. It’s actually an old song, written by Bobby Troup in 1946. Nat King Cole re-popularized the song in the 50s, then us teenagers of the 60s liked or LOVED the version by the Rolling Stones.

  8. Marvelous shots. Grand Canyon sure makes for a perfect spot for far and beyond!

  9. This must have been overwhelming!
    Yes, good luck 🙂

  10. The Grand Canyon took my breath away — it was so expansive. Great photos, Francine.
    God Bless You!

    • Thanks Lady Deidre, I appreciate your comment and I felt the same way. I could only stand there in silence out of respect for the glory of God who created all things.
      God Bless you as well!

  11. Good luck on the Oz trip!! And your beyond, sure has depth!

  12. Very nice pics of the G. canyon.

  13. Well done, Francine. All of the photos are quite representative of “Beyond” but that first one is especially appropriate.

  14. Can we vote and get you to Australia? You deserve it Francine. Imagine all the photos you could take! The Beyond photos are wonderful.

    • No voting is involved. I had to submit an essay explaining why I deserve to go to Australia in 2000 words or less. A Long shot, but I’m hopeful I will be among the lucky ones chosen. Thanks for your well wishes.


  15. You really don’t get more beyond than this, Francine. Wonderful pics for the challenge. 🙂

  16. These are really great Francine! I was totally awestruck when i saw the Grand Canyon in person. It is beyond – for sure.

    • Thanks Ben, I know, every time I view my photos or see other peoples photos I am transported back to when I first saw the Grand Canyon and was struck speechless. Thanks for your comment and have a great weekend.

  17. Extraordinary location! Some day I hope to get there…

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  20. Breathtaking and beautiful!

  21. […] WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: BEYOND « Francine In Retirement […]

  22. […] WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: BEYOND « Francine In Retirement […]

  23. Good luck! I do hope you win that trip to Australia.

  24. Fabulous images, Francine!

  25. Fabulous entries for the challenge Francine! Good luck with the trip 🙂

  26. Amazing shot Francine Beautiful images 🙂

  27. Fabulously stunning Francine! 🙂

  28. Wonderful photography, Francine. The colors and depth are beautiful.

  29. Your Grand Canyon shots are awesome. 🙂

  30. I am so tempted to put my silly cocker spaniel in the car & take the trip up north to the canyon. I have seen it only once in winter & it is glorious.

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