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This past Sunday I went to a wonderful photography gallery exhibition and reception hosted by noted Pittsburgh photographer and fellow blogger, Ruth E. Hendricks Photography.


Ruth Ella Hendricks now teaches Digital Photography at Pittsburgh Carrick High School after more than 20 years of teaching Visual Arts K-8 in the Pittsburgh Schools.  Photographing since the mid ’60’s, she studied photography as an undergrad and more recently at Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild and Pittsburgh Filmmakers.  Her film portrait of Dorothy Holley Quart Jar Poet premiered in Fall 2005.  Two of her photos are published in Along These Rivers Anthology of Poetry and Photography About Pittsburgh.


Prior to Sunday’s exhibition, Ruth’s photography has been shown in five cities. New Orleans, LA, Ft Collins, CO; Ft Myers, Fl; Los Angeles, CA and earlier in August 2012 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Ruth has also been the recipient of many awards:

     Best New Artist – Celebrate Art – Celebrate Life  PERSAD Center Auction Spring 2008

     Best Regional Work – Pittsburgh Technology Council Linking Art and Technology Show

     First Place – Downtown Living Exposed Exhibition  Pittsburgh PA

     Best Color Photography – Bucks Fine Art Gallery Show  Newtown PA

Please click on below video to see the successful presentation of her photographs to the delight of a full house.  Also check out her blog, Ruth E Hendricks Photography to see more of her amazing photos.




  1. how exciting francine, thanks for showing us the other side of rutheh … what a talented photographer and a great blogger she is !

  2. Thanks, Francine, for posting this. I’m glad to see that Ruth’s showing was so well-attended. She’s so talented and a collection of her works must have been something to see.
    Now, when are you going to show yours?

  3. I used to live in Fort Collins. Sorry I missed this event.

  4. I didn’t know that she’s a teacher.

  5. Aaaaww…meeting new photographers is such amazing fun thing to do. I love to get into their creative mind and find out what makes me tick and talk about the gifts they have been given. Blessings.

  6. Very good for Ruth. All the best to a fellow artist.

  7. Yes, Chicago John is right Francine. Now it is YOUR turn to have a showing. You captured the event and it was nice to see so many people taking time to truly look closely at the photographs. Thanks for coming out on a winter afternoon and creating such a wonderful video of the opening for me to remember. xxooxxoo

  8. Ruth, your work is fabulous. Just love how you capture the color and view of each shot. Pleasure to see your work on display.

  9. Francine, Thanks so much for the wonderful photos, and because I live in Indiana, you made me feel like I was right there enjoying, I’m sure, all the good things said about Ruth’s wonderful photography of LIFE!! Ruth, to you – Congratulations on this on-going phase of your life!

    • Thanks Sally. Ruth’s opening was wonderful and very well attended. Her work is amazing and very inspiring. I’ve learned so much from viewing her work and from the encouragement and inspiration she gives me. Thanks for viewing the video. You can download it and share with others if you want.

  10. what a wonderful experience Francine…Ruth is so talented

  11. How wonderful. Ruth is the nicest person and talented too. 🙂

  12. And to think that I only know her as Flat Ruthie’s mum! She looks full of fun and good humour. Thanks for the intro, Francine. I seem to’ve missed your posts lately. Trying to have a catch up.

  13. How wonderful! I am a huge fan of Ruth’s work 🙂

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