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I am a little late posting challenges so I am merging two challenges today.  Flickr Comments: Tagged “F” by FrizzText and Weekly Image of Life: People by The Island Traveler.  Hope you enjoy these photos.



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These photos were taken at a Furry Convention in Pittsburgh last year.



11 Responses to “FURRY PEOPLE”

  1. What a FUN convention this would be…I would be very giddy at this event. So glad you shared it with us…I never knew there was such a thing. Pittsburgh has some great cultured events….jealous☺Francine, you have given me a great idea on leaving our letters for grandchildren at 21 years old. I think I will do the same thing, as part of their college graduation gift. “Words of Wisdom From Grandma” Have a great weekend.

  2. Ah, yes, “what people will do”…for FUN!!!!
    …and what fun shots!

  3. A furry convention ?!? brilliant 🙂

  4. I love furry animals but I couldn’t go to such a convention. I’m alergic to dander.

    Har! . . . Har!

  5. Sounds like a fun time and I bet the Li’l Ones really enjoyed “most” of the costumes. Thanks for sharing, Francine.

  6. Love it! Seeing life size stuff toys and favorite characters makes me smile every time. I just kind of feel bad for the person in it. I was told it is way warm inside and definitely not for the claustrophobic. Have a blessed weekend my friend. Thanks.

  7. […] Francine at […]

  8. I love people who enjoy life.

  9. You do come up with the most unique interpretations! Love them all 🙂

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