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Under the canopy are five life-size statues by sculptor George Danhires.  They depict “the welcome home that veterans have historically treasured.” 


Welcome home to proud men and women


We begin now to fulfill promises

To remember the past

To look to the future



We begin now to complete the final process

Not to make political statements

Not to offer explanations

Not to debate realities


Monuments are erected so that the future

might remember the past


Warriors die and live and die

Let the Historians answer the political questions


Those who served —


Those who gave all —

live in our hearts

Those who are left —

continue to give


As long as we remember —

There is still some love left.



President of the Pittsburgh-Allegheny County

Vietnam Veterans Momument  Committee


The monument is situated on the north shore of the Allegheny River.

Its five-sided canopy was designed by John Robert Middleton and Ed Dumont,

with consulting from Ron Bennett.

The shape is that of “a hibiscus flower pod, an Asiatic symbol of rebirth and regeneration, symbolizing the warrior’s return to peace to begin the journey of healing the scars of war.”

I took these photos while walking along the North Shore Allegheny River Walkway in 2011.  To see more entries to The Daily Post Challenge click here.




  1. What an honor and tribute. Loved your interpretation of Home. Absolutely Beautiful – the words and the pics. Very befitting.

  2. Beautiful post, both the images and words, and your thoughts behind them.
    I can’t imagine how it must feel to be in that situation, with war at your “doorstep” all the time, with loved ones being in danger in different war zones….. Horrible…
    But this wonderful post breathes hope and love! Thank you for reminding us!
    Have a wonderful weekend Francine!

  3. not nice, if a chief sends you far away from home …

  4. Beautiful tribute to …home, Francine!

  5. A monument that reminds us what a home should be all about. It also reminds us that brave men and women sacrificed their lives and chances of being around families so we all can feel safe in our homes. My thoughts and prayers to the heroes of our country who till today continue to sacrifice for our freedom. Beautiful post my friend.

  6. Never heard of this monument before, Francine. Thank you for sharing. Brought a tear to my eye since my father is MIA in Vietnam. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

  7. a very moving monument. Thanks for sharing

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  9. Brilliant interpretation of the theme, Francine. The figures and their facial expressions in this monument are so moving. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I nominated you for an award, check it out here. -

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  12. a very thoughtful post, thank you francine, coming home is such a big thing for service men and women …

  13. A very apt and important interpretation of the theme.

  14. Your response to the home challenge is just perfect,Francine. I have never seen this sculpture before. So glad you did and shared it with the world for all to see. Poignant.

  15. Hi, I am nominating you for this Very Inspiring Blogger Award kindly check this link♥/

    Have a good one,

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  17. Being that my wife and I are both disabled veterans, I want to thank you for your outstanding post saluting our brothers and sisters. Also dear one thank you always for influencing my world with your awesome images…i nominated you tonight for the Most Influential BLog Award 2012. You are deserving as you touch us all daily with your light, congrats and God bless you always my sister!

    • Thank you so much for your nomination and encouraging words. I am blessed to know you and your inspiring poetic words. I have been taking care of some pressing family health problems and have not posted. I am now trying to catch up on reading the blogs I follow. Once I catch up on them I will post and respond to your nomination. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

  18. Beautiful monument, Francine! thank you for bringing it closer to me with these pictures and the text! ♥ Tomas

  19. These photos are moving!

  20. Impressive and heart-grabbing. I’ve never heard of it… TY for sharing. 😉

  21. Beautiful and deeply moving post Francine.

  22. Fantastic statues. I do love art and so I love also this post.

  23. Wow!!! This is amazing! 🙂

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