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Jakesprinter has a challenge called Sunday Post.  This week his theme was “unforgettable”  Here is my take on the theme.


When I think of unforgettable, my mind immediately turns back to my very first airplane ride.  I was fifth teen years old and was selected by our cities’ Director of the American Red Cross to attend a National Leadership Conference in Hartford, Connecticut.

Foggy Pittsburgh

It was a cold foggy day in Pittsburgh.  I found it hard to see my hand in front of me.  In those days you boarded the plane right from the tarmac rather than through a tunnel like we do now.  The plane was of the prop type with four propellers.  Kind of scary because it was so noisy.


The fog was so dense that you could not see the plane from the terminal.  My first thought was how was the pilot going to fly this plane when you could not see anything.  Needless to say this added to my fear.  I had to act brave and not show how fearful I was.  After all I was fifth teen and almost grown.  It didn’t help that I was the only female besides the stewardess, because it was an early morning business flight.

Once I got my wits about me I remembered the plane flew by radar and less by sight.  Once we lifted off and climbed above the clouds I saw the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.  The bright sun shining in a clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds below was an amazing sight.  Looking out the little window I saw that the sun had casted a shadow of the plane that appeared in the arch of a rainbow.  It was an unforgettable sight and one that I have not seen since.

I don’t have a picture of the rainbow with the shadow of the plane, but I have the one below of the sunrise below the tip of the plane’s wing when I flew to Arizona last year.


When we landed I was instructed to take a bus that would drop me off at a place where someone from the Inn, where the conference was being held, would pick me up.  That place turned out to be in the middle of nowhere with not even a sign that showed it was a bus stop.  I was on the side of a country road carrying a large suitcase with no house in sight.  It was here that I started to really panic, but the driver assured me there was no need to worry someone would be here in a few minutes to pick me up.  Then he drove away. 

My mind went through all kinds of emotions and replayed frightful events that could happen.  Before I could totally freak out, my ride pulled up.  Boy did I feel silly and relief at the same time.  The below photo is one I took while visiting the countryside in Pennsylvania.  It comes a little close to the scene in Hartford.


I don’t remember the actual conference at all, just the excitement of the transportation getting there and back.

The plane ride home was just as unforgettable, because it was at night and flew over the city to the airport.  I swear there was a hole in the middle of the floor under my seat where I could see the ground below.  I think it was my imagination, but that part of my trip it a little fuzzy.  The plan did fly low enough that I could see little cars and ant-like people on the streets.  The above photo was taken when my plane flew low over Arizona.  




11 Responses to “UNFORGETTABLE”

  1. What a super memory and story there Francine ! You made it very vivid … in todays world we so take for granted the whole flying experience .

  2. a truly unforgettable experience francine, i am so pleased you shared it with us, it brings backs the fears and thrills of being a teenager and venturing out into an unknown world … scary and huge … you describe it all so well!

  3. I still find magic in the miracle of flight, Francine. That moment when the earth tips away, and the clouds become upside down. Love your story, and I can remember a few unforgettable moments up there too.

  4. Great interpretation Francine, Thanks for sharing your unforgettable collections I love it 🙂

  5. Great story and pics for the theme, Francine. 🙂

  6. Great serie of photos.

    I love the first one!

  7. Wonderful! It’s hard to forget something like this.

  8. That photo of foggy Pittsburgh is one of my favorites of your work, Francine. It’s stunning. And what a story your shared. I doubt if any driver would leave a young woman alone on a highway today, no matter how safe it i supposed to be.

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  10. Yes, the first plane ride is certainly unforgettable 🙂 Love the first shot and the sunset.

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