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Today was a beautiful sunny day in Pittsburgh.  The tables will turn tomorrow when the storm from the west approach our area.  Freezing rain and ice is forecast for tomorrow.

I thought I would take advantage of the nice day to add to my photos on the neighborhoods around  Pittsburgh, when I came across this building on the south side.  Overrun with vines, I wondered if they were kudzu vines that I have recently read about.






This house was not abandoned as I thought.  There was mail in the mailbox near the above gate.  I will have to come back during the spring to see it all in bloom.  Although the house had the appearance of neglect, it had a wonderful hillside view of the skyline of the city.



17 Responses to “SPREADING VINES”

  1. I always liked the look of vines on a house but the reality isn’t as pleasant as the romantic idea of it. If the house is wood, there’s the possibility of rot setting in, and no matter what it’s made of I know there would be spiders sneaking in the windows. But it does look pretty.

  2. Appearances can still deceive us. I love it.

  3. Maybe it’s only in the winter that it looks abandoned. It might look beautiful when the vines are in full bloom. How interesting. 🙂

  4. The vines drape this house in an elegant way, as if it was part of a plan. I’ve never seen Kudzu go dormant like that, so I couldn’t say for certain if its Kudzu. We have lots of it here in Atlanta and the vines have enourmous leaves. Your pictures are lovely.

  5. Looking at these photos, the first thing I though of was kudzu vines, too. Gosh, I hope not. I thought they weren’t cold tolerant. If they can survive our winters, they’ll soon be everywhere. Whether or not they’re kudzu, these are fascinating photos, Francine.

  6. Lovely views. I will be looking to see photos of it in spring. It would be interesting also to see if anyone actually lived inside.

  7. I hope you can return in the spring/summer and show us how it has changed……I love these photos.

  8. These vines are just fabulous!!! Great photos!

  9. Great photos of this spooky-looking house, Francine. It really does look like the original haunted house. 🙂 Keep warm, Francine. Your weather forecast doesn’t sound very good.

  10. It looks like a fascinating place, I can’t help wondering who lives there and why it looks overgrown.

  11. The house must look beautiful in the Spring when everything is green or whatever colors are in bloom. Do post the house again when it has it’s Spring clothes on.
    blessings ….

  12. What if Sleeping Beauty lives there? 😉 Maybe all that house needs is a brave prince to remove the vines and rescue the damsel. 😀

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