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Flamingos are the most instantly recognizable wading birds in the world, but what makes them so special that they capture the hearts of birders and non-birders alike? These fun flamingo facts and trivia may surprise you!  Check out the link to see them.  Twenty Fun Facts about Flamingos.

These photos were taken at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.



22 Responses to “PRETTY IN PINK”

  1. All dressed in pink and ready for occasion 😉

  2. I sent your blog link to my daughter Laura as she likes Flamingoes. I made her a Flamingo cake a couple years ago. Like you Pretty in Pink post today.

  3. Oh so absolutely beautiful!

  4. This is one bird I have always wanted to see in the wild, your photos are a real treat. My little granddaughter has just got a cuddly toy flamingo!

  5. Such a beautiful — and so very odd looking — bird. “Pretty in pink” is right, Francine.

  6. They are beautiful!

  7. I haven’t checked out the link yet but seeing this brought a smile first thing. Weird fact #whatever about me is I like flamingos! An interesting thing about them is that they get their color from what they eat (so I’ve read). Good photos!

  8. Lovely photos, Francine. Really pretty in pink. 🙂

  9. Great minds think alike…we are both posting on our zoo trips♥ The flamingos is something I do get to see down here in Florida…their color is just something to behold.

  10. The weird facts told me things I sure had no idea about. I like the fact that the bird’s leg appears to bend backward at the knee; however, that is the bird’s ankle. Its knee is actually up high on the leg and covered by feathers.

  11. Living in Florida we see lots of them but I am still in awe when I see them. These must have had lots and lots of shrimp since their color is so deep. Very nice post, Francine.

  12. These photos are absolutely stunning Francine.

  13. What lovely captures of the Flamingos. I just thought – how could these beauties balance themselves on spindly legs? It is such a miracle. :-0

  14. Beautiful shots Francine.

  15. […] Pretty in Pink ( […]

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