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When I was a young woman, decorating my first apartment, I invested in a nice new sofa for my livingroom and new mattresses for my bedroom.  Then I would make my rounds through the junk stores and thrift shops for the other items to outfit my new home.

I loved looking for furniture that I could strip down to the natural wood to stain and varnish.  I had fun redoing dinning room chains and one time I did an entire lounge chair.  I found wonderful paintings and a antique gold framed wall mirror that only needed a little cleaning.  Little accessories were a steal, some were priceless finds.

A few years ago I found a closed junk/antique shop in a city outside of Pittsburgh that use to be a booming steel town in its heyday.  The shop had a rusted steel gate closing it off to the public. Peering inside the gated front windows and door I could see all kinds of wonderful things inside.  The shop looked like it had been closed for decades.  Dust could be seen everywhere .  The items inside looked as though a wind had blown through knocking things over and creating piles of varied items.   I wish I knew who the owner was, because I am sure there were some priceless items that could be found inside.

To make this challenge by Flickr Comments a little different search each picture for the following items:   blue floor lamp, doll head, dolls, eagle mirror, baskets, wooden chair, black statue, stand,  helmet, picture, white globe floor lamp, straw hat, gold head, vases, Marilyn Monroe, painting, purses, ice bucket, books, just to name a few.  What else do you see that is not listed?

I hope you have fun looking through the photos.








To see more entries to the challenge, visit here.



14 Responses to “TAGGED “J””

  1. Love all that kitschy stuff! You missed out the tailors mannequin, the ornate mirror frame…….:-D

  2. Wouldn’t it be fab to have a good rummage there? 🙂

  3. Looks like you could find some good stuff there. I love “junk” stores

  4. thank you for your junk stores gallery!

  5. I enjoyed your images and the commentary. Altogether, they brought back fond memories! 🙂


  6. Well besides loving to take old “junk” and make it cool, I also am hooked on hidden object games so this post was fun except I kept wanting to click on the word of the thing I was looking for 🙂 Great post!

    • Thank you Ann. You have given me a great idea, “clicking on the word of the thing I was looking for.” I think I will try this idea when I take a photo this would be perfect for. Thank you for the inspiration. BE ENCOURAGED! BE BLESSED!


  7. These stores are so interesting to rummage through, Francine. Nice photos. 🙂

  8. Noting like a good rummage to pass an afternoon, Francine.

  9. This was fun! Great post.

  10. Fun! Your “Find” game reminds me of that puzzle game I played a long time ago. I need to find the items to complete a stage of a story.

  11. a fun entry francine, what a marvellous shop, and great photos … love your find-it game too … keeping us on our toes!

  12. Today, they would call that junk – vintage. Isn’t it ironic the way everyone can look at the same thing and think of it differently? Great junk/vintage items showing in your fabulous photos. Perfect entry for Frizz’s challenge.

  13. What a treasure trove.

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