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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is made up of a number of neighborhood that give the city a small home town feel.

Over the last few years I have been photographing many of these neighborhoods.  Today I will share photos I took of the South Side Slopes for this weeks photo challenge.  See others here.


South Side Slopes is a neighborhood in PittsburghPennsylvania‘s South Side area. The neighborhood comprises the hills from the South Side Flats neighborhood along the Monongahela River from the Liberty Bridge (west) to beyond Josephine Street (east).


In many parts of the South Side Slopes, homes offer panoramic views of the city skyline that span the distance from beyond McKees Rocks, PA to Homestead, PA. Many homes are perched well above the city skyline. This neighborhood provides access to the South Side Flats by various means including the many public staircases.


Every autumn the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association (SSSNA) hosts its annual “Steptrek,” where participants travel over the various public step streets. Pittsburgh, like many cities in the United States built on hillsides, classifies public staircases as streets. The hills being steep, staircases allowed access to the different parts of the slopes neighborhood. The SSSNA hopes to maintain the staircases as a legacy of its history as a mining town.


The Mission Street steps from Oakley Way to Barry Street and the top of Yard Way off St. Pius St. offer views of the South Side Flats neighborhood and downtown Pittsburgh. These public staircases are sometimes called paper streets, being pedestrian streets shown on City maps but not accessible by vehicles.

The neighborhood has representation on the Pittsburgh City Council by the council member for District 3 (Central South Neighborhoods). The Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire houses 24 Engine and 24 Truck on the South Side. It is located on Mary Street just off of Carson Street.


See below video for more photos of the South side Slopes and Flats.

Information taken from Wikipedia.




  1. Beautiful murals

  2. Lovely shots of your neighbourhood Francine, particularly of the murals! Did you click these with your smart phone???

  3. Interesting photos. Also love that term paper streets. We have a lot of those in Sydney as it is so hilly here. It annoys me that they never show up on navigators when I am trying to work out the quickest way of walking from point A to point B.

  4. the murals are beautiful!

  5. I’m getting to know your city well through all your posts, Francine, but you still come up with surprises! Great post. It’s definitely a city for strong legs! I’d love to visit.

  6. you are such a great tour guide francine, this area looks great, wonderful old buildings, an inviting place to live!

  7. Looks like a fascinating place to live!

  8. Home sweet home. Well done!

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  10. thank you for the smoothe jazz guitar link to youtube!

  11. the photos in the youtube video are made by YOU! great! something is similar to my region: we had steel industry too – now sold to China, our workers jobless; wonderful graffiti on the walls!

  12. Thanks for the photos, interesting murals -Blessings Darrell

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  14. Our best friends used to live here…so fun to find out all the history of this city.

  15. Thank you for taking us thee, Francine!

  16. Great photo essay and tour, Francine.

    The abundance of late 18th and early 19th century red brick architecture of the innercity skyline is such a familiar urban feature to me.

    Was that wall wall mural is commissioned by the city? It seems to be regarded as official public art.

    Who’s the guitar player?

  17. Lots of good photo ops there!

  18. You captured a lovely light in your photographs of Pittsburg, Francine. I spent a lot of time there during my flight attendant years and found it to be a warm and friendly city.

  19. I love your pictures of Pittsburgh, especially the murals. Pittsburgh is a city not too far from my home in northern Virginia, and I’m definitely coming to visit when I return to the USA!!!

  20. The wall mural is really beautiful Francine.

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  25. A marvellous post, Francine. You’re a great ambassador for your beloved city. 🙂 Love the murals, and just looking at all those steps, really makes my legs ache. 😀

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  27. Like Pittsburgh, Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. It gives our cities character, Francine, and makes them what they are.

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  29. hi Francine, you inspired me to write about Pittsburgh too:
    I’ve set a link to you in my daily blog at
    I hope that will support your work!

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  31. the wall murals are looking great 🙂

  32. Very nice. I had it in my mind to do a series of posts featuring Baltimore neighborhood. I’ve only done two so far, Charles Village and Tuscany/Canterbury.

  33. Nothing short of fabulous. I love the video and music. Creating a Youtube video is something on my to do list, to learn how 🙂

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  36. Your photos are fascinating…love the art and the steps! You could get a heck of workout on those! Thanks for sharing and explaining

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  41. Brings back nice memories of Pittsburgh. I lived and worked there for six years. One of our favorite places to go on Saturdays was the Strip District to the ethnic markets and Wholeys for good meat and seafood. One of my favorite restaurants was Mallorca on Carson St.

  42. I grew up within a couple hours of Pittsburgh, but didn’t go there much. This is a view I’ve never seen. The staircases would provide a good workout, but I wouldn’t want to navigate them in winter. Thanks for sharing your neighborhood!

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  46. trying to understand you and your video even more:
    of course I can’t reach your excellent guitar background music, but maybe I found a bridge between different moods and countries and cities – and persons, black and white feelings?

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