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I remember growing up in the public housing projects of the city of Pittsburgh, where neighborhood children would gather at the local ball field for a friendly game of kickball to pass away the summer days.

We would choose two people to act as captains.  They would stand in the middle of a circle surrounded by potential players.  Bent to the waist, with their hands bawled into fists behind them, someone would yell, “one, two, three, shoot.”  Whoever had the highest number of exposed fingers got to choose his or her best player first.  They would alternate choices until all players were chosen.

 Most of the time it was the girls against the boys, which wasn’t always fair.  In those days the boys could kick further and throw harder.

Sitting on a park bench in Point State Park one day last summer, I watched a spirited game of the sport I remembered as a child being played by a group of men from the adjacent hotel  construction site.

I had just as much fun reminiscing and photographing their game as they had playing it.

I know you are thinking, “Francine, these men are playing soccer.”  I say to you, “an old lady can dream about the years of her youth anyway she wants while watching a group of grown men playing, “soccer”.  (smile)

I hope you enjoyed the game played and how I saw it.  What memories does it bring back for you?  See the rules and history of the game of kickball here.

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9 Responses to “KICKBALL IN THE PARK”

  1. That looks like a lot of fun. A great way to exercise, have fun, unwind, enjoy friendship.

  2. Well my memory is not so pleasant…my brother blew his knew out in college on the first game of the season as the goalie! To this day still walks with a limp…We never know what the future holds do we? Stay blessed!

  3. Good fun and exercise.

  4. You call it, and recall it, in any way you’d like! I understand the “subtext” of you words, and agree. It’s nice to relive our “yesterdays” sometimes in the things we see today.

    Continued success, Francine!

  5. In many of our parks, weekend mornings are reserved for soccer games with young children playing. It can be a wonderful hour, watching them run up and down the field, many of them laughing all the way. They’re still too young for the competitive spirit to infect them or their parents.

  6. Very nice video/commentary, Francine! It brought to mind the days of my childhood when we would play kickball on the block I lived on! 🙂 May the Lord bless you!


  7. Hi Francine, it’s always nice to sit around and reminsce. And they do seem like they’re having a lot of fun. Nice post, Francine!

  8. you make us love Pittsburgh, Francine!
    greetings by
    your frizz

  9. KICKBALL IN THE PARK – perfect to forget all duties!

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