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15 Responses to “NATURE’S DAFFODIL”

  1. Beautiful photos and a wonderful video of one my favorite poets!
    Thank you
    Take Care

  2. I think everyone loves daffodils because they’re early bloomers and we’re always so desperate for spring.

  3. my favoite flower … among many favorites. Fantastic photos!

  4. Spring, we are ready! The flowers await your warm sunshine. Come to Pittsburgh soon. The daffodils are just lovely, Francine.

  5. Like bits of sunshine in gardens all ’round. Mine are still a couple weeks from blooming but it’s good to see others doing so. Thanks, Francine.

  6. Beautiful Francine!!! Thank you for these wonderful daffodils and the poem!

  7. so very beautiful francine, awesome job you have done putting the poem together with the images 🙂

  8. As you know from being one of my regular readers, daffodils are my favourite flowers so this post is wonderful!

  9. Absolutely Beautiful! May God continue to bless the Mind’s eye that is always open to see and partake of His Beauty. Thank you again for continuing to share with all what God has allowed you to see.

  10. I love these. I haven’t been wanting to return north and leave Florida. But you showed me the joys that are awaiting me. Thanks.

  11. Very nice pictures, Francine! I love colorful blooms in Spring. Keep on “clicking.”


  12. I really love Daffodils. Gorgeous photos, Francine, and thanks for reminding me of that beautiful poem. 🙂

  13. There are quite a few in London right now and I love seeing these little bursts of sunshine.

  14. the first yellow in spring, isn’t it?

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