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I don’t have words right now.  All I can do is light a candle and pray for those who lost their lives and limbs or had other major injuries from a bomb that went off at the Boston Marathon today.  Official fear it was planned.



38 Responses to “LIGHT A CANDLE”

  1. Dear Lord, send your comfort, peace, and healing, in Jesus Name. And we ask that you reveal the Enemy that did this, release your justice and truth.

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    Please pray…

  3. True. Prayer is the only power we have right now. God help them all.

  4. I read that an 8 year old angel’s life was taken in this attack, Brings back bad memories of sandy hook. Our lord is receiving his angels home once again. 😦

  5. I have a brother in his first year of university in Boston. He’s fine. He was nowhere near the attack. In any case . . .

    To the people of Boston, hello from Hamilton.

  6. So very well put. When events like this occur, whether public or personal, everything changes, everything looks different, everything feels different. And words… there don’t seem to be any truly suitable.

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    Still without words, this works…

  8. Thanks for posting this Francine. I’m also praying for the souls of those killed, and for the survivors and families.

  9. this is very sad indeed francine, an event that is supposed to be so happy, exciting and wonderful turned into a tragedy.. sending my prayers to those who got hurt and killed..

  10. Seems like things like this are happening far too often. Let us pray, indeed. Let us shine love in the darkness. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  11. My sincerest prayers for those hurt and killed 😦

  12. My thoughts and prayers go out to them on this terrible day.

  13. Speechless… “light a candle and pray”, as you say, Francine.

  14. You sum it up perfectly, Francine. What a horrific tragedy.

  15. Yes, we must only pray. No words.

  16. better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, as the Quakers say. there is real power in prayer.

  17. Such a horrible event. I have friends who were nearby, but not injured.

  18. I agree with you, cos at the end of the day all we need do is to pray.

  19. All the victims of this horrible tragedy need our prayers. Blessings and love to all of them.

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