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 George Washington and the Seneca leader Guyasuta,

I’ve posted one of these photos before and I thought I would add two additional photos I’ve taken of the same sculpture to show the contrast, and more importantly the contrast between the point of view of the two people represented.  See below the information about this amazing work of art.



Jim West’s sculpture, Point Of View, captures a pivotal moment in October 1770. George Washington and Guyasuta, old acquaintances and veterans of the bitter French and Indian War, met along the Ohio River (near Marietta, Ohio) for a nine-day council to revisit their past and debate the future of the highly coveted region at the forks of three rivers, already named Pittsburgh. Few details survive of their conversation, but there was no doubt tension as well as mutual respect between the two great men. They held very different points of view about how this area should be settled; Washington surveying the land for future white European expansion, Guyasuta remembering the British treaty of 1763 prohibiting such expansion. Though they held very different ideas about the fate of this area, they parted on friendly terms.

Above information taken from the internet.

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22 Responses to “TRAVEL THEME: CONTRAST”

  1. Fabulous sculpture and truly beautiful captures, Francine. Great response! 🙂

  2. They look truly mesmerised in that light Francine !

  3. I loved the origibal photo you posted and its even better to see the contrasts.

  4. This is such a good choice.

  5. i love this sculpture and all it conveys about change in our lands … the indigenous view being crushed by white european expansionist moves and disrespect for the land as a living ecosystem affected by every move we humans who think we are independent of nature make 🙂

  6. The artists did such an incredible job in creating this art and you are so wonderful to share this history with us….

  7. Interesting, Francine. Contrast of ideas, of cultures, of point of view. Excellent choice for the challenge. 🙂

  8. Great photos and great interpretation of the idea of contrast.

  9. What a strong piece of sculpture and you photographed it beautifully, Francine. You really did capture it will.

  10. looks great and nice light 🙂

  11. Well done; what a great sculpture.

  12. Excellent choice for contrast and very well captured, Francine!

  13. Well done! Love how you captured the essence of the sculpture from the two different viewpoints.

  14. Love the sculpture and what it represents Francine. Great interpretation.

  15. Great interpretation.

  16. Nice take on the theme, great sculpture.

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