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This weekend the family and I went to see the New York Broadway play, The Lion King.  The play is a musical based on the 1994 Disney animated film of the same name with music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice.  The musical features actors in animal costumes as well as giant, hollow puppets.

The performance was magical and awe-inspiring.  The audience were captivated immediately as the character danced down the aisles in the beginning of each act.  The colorful display of costumes and scenery were a delight to the eye.  Excitement radiated from the audience as we interacted with the scenes occurring on stage.

The Broadway production opened at the New Amsterdam Theatre on November 13, 1997 and moved to the Minskoff Theatre in 2006.  The production is one of the top 10 longest running musicals in Broadway history.

There were no photography allowed inside the theatre, but they were allowed in the lobby and outside. Below are a few of the ones I took.  In some cases the lighting was not too great.  Hope you enjoy them.

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It’s been a long weekend with traveling to New York City and moving my granddaughter home from college, so it will take me a couple of days to recuperate and catch up on your post and comments.



14 Responses to “CIRCLE OF LIFE”

  1. Must have been an amazing experience!

  2. Someday I really want to see this show.

  3. This was the most beautiful play I have ever seen….my husband even had tears in his eyes through out the play. We saw this years ago, up in Toronto.

  4. I am so glad you came to NYC and saw the Lion King. When my family came to visit 3 years ago, I too took them to see the show! They had a great time. And I’m glad you did too:) Have a re-coup week.

  5. The costumes look fantastic, and I loved the Disney version. I bet the Broadway play was ten times better! I’d love to see this myself. 🙂

  6. You’ve taken some beautiful photographs. Enough to ensure the visit will be well remembered for years to come.

  7. Awesome! I saw the London production and absolutely loved it. 🙂

  8. It looks magnificent!

  9. It was not a show I had any interest in seeing to be honest but going past the billboards and seeing the photos – maybe I’ll change my mind!

  10. My wife and I saw it in NYC in 2002; Amsterdam Theatre – West 42nd. Great experience!

  11. A great show! Glad you were able to enjoy it, Francine.

  12. Oh how I want to see it for myself! The children saw it in London and were enchanted.

  13. yes i would love to see it too francine … and in new york would be even better .. thanks for the marvellous photos of the costumes!

  14. I always dreamed to see this in person. Perhaps one day it will come true. Awesome show!

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