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Weather you are escaping aboard a fast boat on one of Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers,


Or from a fire escape on a local apartment building,

or a personal home escape ladder


Or one of the old business building in downtown Pittsburgh. 


Maybe you are aboard one of our buses, and need an emergency escape hatch.


The Pittsburgh EMS squad will be there to protect and provide

a way of escape from any disaster.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You will find peace not by trying to escape your problems, but by confronting them courageously. You will find peace not in denial, but in victory.

J. Donald Walters

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  1. Awesome interpretation of a particularly hard challenge! I love the fire escapes.

  2. Haven’t seen such fire escapes since I left the East Coast. Great pics

  3. Nice collection. I like especially the quote – it is something we should not forget.

  4. Francine, your collection of fire escapes is so interesting. I love that emergency fire escape ladder; I used to have one of those! 🙂

  5. Black cast iron staircase is beautiful Francine…great message.

  6. Especially love your fire escape gallery, Francine. Good series for the theme.

  7. Love the get-away-boat !! Just watched the movie Jack Reacher filmed in Pittsburgh, it was really good! Some excellent escapes too !

    • The set of the movie was pretty closed down, but I did get some shots taken on the North Shore and of their meals for the crew. I even got a shot of Tom’s Crew’s bus. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Unique Francine, I love it!

  9. A creative look at escapes, Francine, all photographed very well..

  10. the fire escape staircase is really cool.

  11. This might be a great reminder Francine , Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

  12. Exciting and fun escape. We need to find our little version of escape everyday. Keeps us calm and happy…

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  14. That boat really seems to be fleeing 🙂 Love the fire escapes too. Perfect interpretation Francine.

  15. The fire edcape is a reminder of the one we had in the back of our home. Very nice escape pix’s ….

  16. Hi Francine, I’m nominating you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award. I know you already have one, but I guess that just means that you are doubly sweet! My post should be up later today.

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  18. […] WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: ESCAPE | Francine In Retirement […]

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