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PPG Place sits atop a 5.5 acre, three-city-block site in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, adjacent to historic Market Square. The shimmering glass complex is centered on a 40-story office tower, reflecting the skies, hills, rivers, and buildings of one of America’s most livable cities.


The gleaming glass and steel structures, known worldwide for their breathtaking design, were developed by John Burgee Architects with the internationally renowned architect Philip Johnson from New York.


This complex with its thicket of 231 spires was designed to weave into the architecture of Pittsburgh and recall the city’s great buildings, such as the Cathedral of Learning and the Allegheny County Courthouse. PPG Place’s neo-Gothic forms are the perfect architectural bridge between the historical structures of the city and the newer geometrical high-rise towers.


In addition to the centerpiece 635-foot tower, there are five other buildings in the complex – a 14-story building and four six-story buildings.

The buildings surround a grand plaza evoking visions of the great public squares of Europe. Paved in a mosaic of red, grey and black granite, the plaza serves both as a restful haven and a reflection of a pulsing urban marketplace. The soaring glass-enclosed Wintergarden on the west side of the main tower furnishes an oasis of green while providing a dramatic gathering place for all seasons.

This post is in reply to Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post: Windows.  Visit his blog to see other entries here.



14 Responses to “GLASS WINDOWS”

  1. Wow. That is a very impressive building!

  2. Thanks for sharing your collections of window here Francine , Love it my friend 🙂

  3. A beautiful structure, Francine, that you shot very well. It amazes me to see buildings soar that have nothing but glass for external walls. They almost defy logic.

  4. Wonderful design, it doesn’t look real!

  5. I like your description: “…reflecting the skies, hills, rivers, and buildings of one of America’s most livable cities…”

  6. So many windows in those amazing buildings, Francine. 🙂

  7. Love the reflections in the second shot particularly. Great entry.

  8. All that glass is frightening to look at and imagine the damage it could cause in a storm. BUT .. it is reflective and beautiful as are your photos.

  9. I love that building and stood in awe at the base of it last time i was there.

  10. Glad I’m not a window cleaner around there, Francine. 🙂

  11. Stunning – beautiful

  12. So many windows, Francine. Glad I don’t have to clean them. 🙂

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