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I want to show my support and appreciation for this community of bloggers by listing, over a period of time, some special blogs I read.

Every Thursday, I will publish a list of blogs that I enjoy.  They have been a great source of encouragement, inspiration and information. This is not an award, but a “SHOUT OUT” to them.  I hope you will check out these wonderful blogs.  I am sure you will be blessed by them.

If you don’t see your blog listed, the time will come when it will be.

Creativity is one of the main themes he wants to explore in his blog – and he hopes with the help of you. He believes everyone has creativity within him or her, but most of us lose contact with our creative well as we grow older and out of childhood. His goal is to post at least once a week.

His work is rooted in the documentary and photojournalistic tradition. He works out of his base in Bergen, Norway as well as Seattle, USA. But in reality the whole world is his playing ground. In particular he finds himself travelling to Cuba, again and again since 1991. He feels it’s a lovely and very special country to visit and photograph.

His photos have been published in all major Norwegian papers and magazines, as well as internationally in magazines like Stern, Spiegel, Air France Inflight Magazine and Facts.

He loves to teach photography and particularly workshops dealing with creativity and expansion of one’s creative approach. He has taught workshops in Cuba, Malawi, Bolivia as well as many in Norway.

Laurie is smitten with photography.  Capturing a memory that you can have forever, what can compare to this?! With a lens, she sees the beauty in everyday life, whether it is in textures, light, the eyes…well you get the picture.

She have two major loves in this field, one is families, especially the children. Capturing the amazing range of love and emotion in the kiddos, nothing speaks to her heart more. The second, capturing a travel adventure, it is the best souvenir a family can bring home from their travels. Your photos will transport you back to your vacation and the preserve the BIG moments your family had.

This is my place to record creations, designs, thoughts, inspirations, but most of all photographic memories. I’d love to capture your moments, big or small.

She hopes Pride in Photos will become your daily retreat for encouragement and inspiration! It’s essentially her playground, it’s a piece of art for her and hopefully people can connect with it. She has added a new feature on her posts that is called, “Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers!”

Do you need a hug? This blog is Kozo’s attempt to give a virtual hug to anyone who needs one.  Actually, he’d love to create a community of everyday gurus who uplift, embrace, and inspire each other and everyone around them.

The Dream/Vision

This dream community would look something like this:

  • We are committed to creating peace in our lives, homes, communities, and world. See Bloggers for Peace.
  • We are a community that is devoted to the pursuit of happiness through lovingkindness, gratitude, compassion, and empathy. See 5 Steps to Peaceful Resolution.
  • We strive for happiness regardless of material conditions, relationship status, or past history. Click to Re-hydrate Your Spirit.
  • We share the miracles of everyday life to inspire, instruct, and support others and ourselves. For example, Friends and Enemies.
  • We try to maintain peace of mind, equanimity, and lovingkindess at all times.
  • We try to be open to all points of view.
  • We even try to love our enemies.

Polly is an amateur photography who like nature, birds animals and the conservation of nature.  This blog will be for her photos of nature and some info on the photo and the subject. Hope you enjoy.

She lives in Kingston Ontario and most of her photos are from around Ontario.

Linda is a Bay Area mom who loves to get outside for playtime every day with her son.  their outdoor time may be social, solo, park or nature-based, near or at home, quick or lengthy, but, whatever form it takes, they make a point of getting outside every day.  Several times per week, she tries to get outside without her son for much needed “me” time.  she is a hiker, a trail runner, and an amateur photographer.

In her blog, she will share what she has learned, hoping it will help inspire others with children, encouraging families to get out into the outdoors more.  She writes about the places she goes, the things she does, what she sees, the benefits of outdoor play, and tips and tricks that make outside time fun.

Photography has become Lizzie’s latest passion, her driving force, although she must confess that her only experience of a camera, up until now, has been to ‘point and click’ when she has been on holiday.

Passionate about all things Divine, aiming to live the fullest expression of life, following her heart and daring to dream the impossible dream. She loves travelling, writing, photography, animals, good food, music, books and much more besides.

Married man. Joyce reader. Seasonal biker. Casual photographer. Smashing Pumpkins fan. Birdwatcher and cats admirer. Interested in medieval history, graphic design, social media and internet marketing.  Born, living in Warsaw, Poland.


He has been studying for five years to be a historian. Next 10 years he spent doing something completely different. First, selling clothes for over two years. He is still a master of folding clothes and puting them in neat piles.

Then he found himself managing a rather big store of one of the mobile network operators. And he was good at that. But he is still using the mobile he bought five years ago and writing a text message is a torture for him. It doesn’t mean he haven’t learned anything…

Lastly, he came to a place where he supposed to be an administrative-sales support-customer service-logistics-warehouse-accountig employee. And he has been for a long time. But apart from that he became a marketing, graphic design and printing specialist which was the work he really enjoyed and he hopes to enjoy in future. His beautiful photos reflect this interest.

If you want to see some beautiful photography concerning all aspects of nature, visit this blog sight.  Every time I come here I am inspired by the photos presented.

Simply Charming…the home of a self-proclaimed dabbler and earth nomad.

Blogging since September of 2011, She enjoys taking photographs for theWeekly Photo Challenge, sometimes writing 100-word fiction stories for the Friday Fictioneers or composing Haibun with haiku for the Ligo Haibun Challenge. You may also find her occasionally sharing over at Jakesprinter’s Sunday PostMonthly Peace Challenge and Island Traveler’s, Weekly Image of Life. Nevertheless, her goals are to gain confidence as a writer, photographer, and most important, find her purpose in this life journey. Blogging helps meet her goals through the helpful insights she has receive from them, her dear readers, and their wealth-of-information they share in their posts. She feels that we are like one big happy family!

If nothing else, blogging is pure entertainment, inspiration, encouragement, and her personal teacher. One day she hopes to be, uh, simply charming.

Gerry is a  person with plenty of time on his hands. In the last couple of years he has started these blogs/posts mainly to speak his mind and generally release some pent-up frustration.

In his early years he played the guitar ( and still does) for several bands, covering various styles, rock and roll, country and middle of the road. He played as a soloist, writing his own songs, lyrics and poems, and started in folk clubs. So he thought this might be a good way to express himself and hope that he can pass on to other people. While he has been doing this he has also discovered other people whose writing he also likes so he is learning as he travel this road to discovery.



15 Responses to “SALUTE TO BLOGGERS VI”

  1. Francine…I just love coming here on the Salute to Bloggers post to see who I haven’t made a connection with and/or view their work. And today, you have me listed…what a blessing! Thank you very much my friend. I am off to check out the others…thank you for all you do.

  2. Francine,
    Thank you so much for all the blessings and encouragement you give us everyday. You are an artistic, spiritual everyday guru with a camera and an eye for beauty. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

  3. Thank you Francine, I appreciate then shout out. I will be going to the other bloggers you have up too. I really enjoy you blog and seeing it everyday. Love the photo you have posted here.

  4. Bellissima e amabile dedica.
    baci a tutti i tuoi amici blogger♥

  5. Thanks, another lovely bunch, the photography blogs are amazing!

  6. thank you, Francine! you shared a few new sites for me so another thank you! life is good!! ☼sunLOVE+HUGS!!

  7. Wonderful!

  8. Thank you so much for including me in this list, Francine! I look forward to checking out the other blogs, too 🙂

  9. Hey Francine! Did you know you made the “Blogs You may like” on the reader today?! Very Cool 🙂

  10. Thank you so much Francine for the lovely and beautiful words about my blog and photography! Regards Marcela! Great job!

  11. Thank you so much for the honour of being saluted here. It’s really an incredible encouragement. I will look up the other bloggers as well. Look forward to seeing what they are doing. All the best to you.

  12. Keep spreading the love. I enjoy meeting new people.

  13. Thank you Francine for this honour,, truly overwhelmed and thankful.. so appreciated 😉

  14. Thanks for some more new links to explore Francine 🙂

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